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Skol Schemes, Week 1: Podcast Edition(s)

The sweet sound of victory.

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

One of the many nice outcomes of the Vikings 23-7 victory over the Packers is that people want to review, prognosticate, and talk about the successes of Week 1. I am no exception.

I had the good fortune of being on 4 podcasts this week that cover a lot of different ground. There is something for film lovers, people who just want the audio, a look ahead to Week 2, and a high level view of the trends we see the Vikings following. I hyperlinked all of the people I spoke with and would recommend you check out their work.

If you like film

I went through the film with Dusty Evely and covered the Vikings schematic structure, why things worked, and a few neat adjustments to look at through the year.

If you prefer audio

I enjoyed talking to Nick and Matt for Kindred Skols. We had a discussion about scheme, individual players, how they stacked up, and what their outlooks are going forward.

If you want to look ahead to Week 2 and the Eagles

Though we all want to bask in the glory that is a season opening win, eventually it is time to look ahead. Fran Duffy had me on to try to translate how the Vikings success in Week 1 may carry over to Week 2. We give you the quick hits you need going into a big Monday night game.

If you are feeling philosophical

Finally, if you have not yet tired of my New Jersey speaking pace, I joined Ollie Connolly of The Read Optional and Gridiron for a high level discussion of the O’Connell offense and Donatell defense. We talk philosophical underpinnings, structure, personnel, strengths, weaknesses, adjustments, and a whole lot more. This was a fun one!

Finally, we’re on to Philadelphia.