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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 17-18 September 2022

The weekend is upon us!

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve made it to the weekend, ladies and gentlemen! Unfortunately, this weekend is one without Minnesota Vikings football for us, because this is the only time this year that we have to wait until Monday night to see our team take the field. However, we’ll get you through the weekend as best we can.

Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . .

  • Warren brought us some oppo research on Philadelphia in advance of this weekend’s game.
  • And we got some more info about this week’s opponent from our friends at Bleeding Green Nation.
  • Ben Natan joins Arif and James on Norse Code to look ahead to Monday night’s clash. (Speaking of which, congratulations to Arif on his move to Pro Football Network from The Athletic.)
  • If you’re going to be watching college football this weekend. . .and you should be. . .Mark has his weekly list of players you can keep an eye on.
  • Our SB Nation Reacts poll for this week shows confidence in the Vikings trending upwards.
  • As part of their Monday Night doubleheader this week, ESPN and ABC are going to try some new things.
  • Shawn was all over the place this week talking about what the Vikings were doing schematically against Green Bay.
  • Not a lot of movement on the injury reports for the Vikings and the Eagles on the injury reports on Friday.
  • Dan Marino confirmed that he at least contemplated joining the Vikings in 2000 before ultimately retiring.

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