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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks, Week 2

A decidedly average first week

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We are well into Week 2 in the National Football League’s 2022 season, and that means the guys that make your favorite Minnesota Vikings website work are back with their picks for this week! It was a pretty average first week for us overall, but we hope that we can do better going forward.

Here’s how everyone did in the opening week of the season.

Moneyline/Straight-Up Picks

  • Christopher Gates: 9-6
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 8-7
  • Eric Thompson: 8-7
  • GA Skol: 8-7
  • Warren Ludford: 8-7
  • Mark Pittman: 7-8

Spread Picks

  • Mark Pittman: 11-5
  • Christopher Gates: 8-8
  • Eric Thompson: 7-9
  • Warren Ludford: 6-10
  • GA Skol: 5-11
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 0-0 (for some reason Ed’s spread picks didn’t register last week, but we believe that problem has been fixed)

Over/Under Picks

  • Eric Thompson: 11-5
  • GA Skol: 9-7
  • Mark Pittman: 9-7
  • Christopher Gates: 8-8
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 7-9
  • Warren Ludford: 7-9

There were a couple of glitches with Tallysight in the opening week, but it appears those issues have been corrected. Starting next week, I’ll be listing the standings in each category by percentage (because I actually had the foresight to do a spreadsheet this year, which helps) to help mitigate those issues. Also, there are only 15 straight-up picks because of the tie between Houston and Indianapolis from Week 1.

But yes, overall it was a decidedly average first week for most of us in most categories. Mark crushed the spread picks and Eric was good at the over/unders, but other than that there really wasn’t anything to write home about.

With that, here are our picks for Week 2, powered by our friends at Tallysight. In addition, if you’d like to see whether or not the lines are changing, be sure to check in with our friends at the DraftKings Sportsbook.

Unanimous Picks

5-1 Picks

4-2 Picks

3-3 Picks

And there you have it for this week, ladies and gentlemen. Who are you picking in the National Football League this week?