Moving forward

Hopes for the future:

Do ANYTHING to plug some holes on the OL. Engram playing now is crucial to our future so lumps will be taken. It is going to be a long year if KC has no time to throw. I hope KOC will make adjustments on the line if needed.

Kirk has to be ready to run more when the pocket collapses. I have defended him, but those throws late in the game that Slay picked and almost picked were absolute doggy doo. As a veteran and leader, that was not what you want to see, and he should be making better decisions, period. Also, his throws have less zip than they used to. He has very good arm strength though so not sure whats going on there. He can throw dimes when he is on his game.

KOC/Kirk, stop making every play about JJ. That is hurting us. JJ still learning, even as good as he is. We become one dimensional which was a habit we had with Zim. Those throws were forced in the endzone. Forget about the JJ hype and lets spread the ball around. And they do toss it around, for sure. Still, this game was a great example of forcing the ball gone bad.

Play Ham more as a blocking back on running and passing plays. The line is not strong enough to keep the heat off.

Ed Donatell called a pretty weird game. Why not mix it up a bit more. We could have played man for stretches. We were getting roasted and the players looked like they did under Zim, even with new pieces. They looked lost. Playing 2 deep and giving up the middle of the field for 4 quarters was really bad. They gave up big play after play. I saw Smith and Hunter battling, but they did not do a ton of damage. Hurts is really good and hard to plan for. They called our bluff and we changed little scheme wise but got guys to play better within the scheme in the 2nd half. Still, not a lot of extra pressure calls and we found out Hurts can sling it much better than last year. We could have been pegged 40-7 after that surreal 1st half. I am an armchair nobody, but I hope we show more flexibility and guts scheme wise when we are getting rolled.

Its early and there is a lot of growing that will take place. Some of these mistakes are fixable, and we will get better. Having said that anybody sleeping on Detroit will be surprised when we get pounded 35-28. We easily could. They put up big points against this same defense that stopped us at 7.

Philly had crazy home energy tonight. Good teams snatch that on the road. They needed a gut check game to show what we need to fix. There is a ton to learn across the board from this game.

How will we respond?

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