Outcoached but not for Long

My overall take is we were dramatically outcoached. This is going to happen early in a young coach's career and the test will be if they can bounce back.

Offensively - We lacked the rhythm plays that have become a staple of the McVay - think quick misdirection and tunnel screens which put us in a ton of three and outs. The other concerning thing is we seemed to have no answer for pressure. Kirk played terribly but when the Eagles brought pressure the o-line seemed lost and there seemed to be no outlets.

Defensively - Clearly the gameplan was make Hurts throw short -> midlevel passes consistently. Fine. Once he proved he could do that it was concerning we didn't appear to adjust. We also almost never brought more than 4 despite the data saying Hurts struggles against the blitz. I think Dantzler was a huge bright spot and is showing signs he can be a legit #1 CB. I am going to chalk up the Bynum mishap to growing pains with a first time coordinator.

Kirk - He sucked. But he has been really good the last two years and I think with a coach who will work with him after a bad game instead of telling everyone how much he sucks, the bounce back will be quick. It's also important to keep in mind that Kirk is 34 and unless this season ends with a deep playoff run - this is probably it for the Captain in Purple so personally, I just don't feel like wasting brain space in Kirk debates that the choices have already been made.

I'll be there in person Sunday to bring some juice to the squad.

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