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‘Checkdown’ Kirk vs Eagles?

‘Checkdown’ in this case is a compound word used as a title and not the two separate words of check down as a verb and modifier. A nickname in other words.

On this The Real Forno Show - The Minnesota Vikings took down the Green Bay Packers with relative ease in week one and take on the Philadelphia Eagles in week two. The biggest key in that game was the Vikings didn’t have to expose much of their playbook. They spammed a few core concepts and that was it. Going against the Eagles, Kevin O’Connell will be opening up the playbook more to try and get to 2-0. One issue that has been a perceived issue for the Vikings has been Kirk Cousins and wanting to check down. This season for The Vikings Wire, I will be diving into just that. Why did he check down and was it a good choice? Join us as we break things down before the primetime Monday Night Football matchup.

- Vikings vs Eagles

- More of the KOC playbook needed

- Is Cousins still checking down?

- Tyler's keys to winning in week 2

- A look at the odds

All of that and more tonight on The Real Forno Show. Strap in and join host Tyler Forness and producer Dave live tonight!

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