Typical Lions Game!

Just as in the Zim era, we played the Lions close and we won in the end. The more things change....

Let's all say this together:


Notes and Obs:

1. Man-to-man on JJ seems to be the way to go (for the bad guys) if the opponent has a great man-to-man cover guy. That said, where is the magical offense that gets JJ constantly open? It's a no show. He's on pace for lower production than during the high-powered era of the Zimmer offensive juggernauts. Put him in the slot. Put him in motion. Run pick plays. But, more than anything, we need him running crossers. Intermediate crossers. He's great at all things but the crossers are where he most excels. We did it lots last year and succeeded. We did it some against the Packers in Game One and succeeded (the long TD). We did not do it much the last two games and failed. I'm no rocket scientists, but, uh....

2. It appears Kirk Cousins has long haul COVID and suffers from brain fog. Shoulda got the shot, Kirk! I'm kidding but not kidding. I hope it is long haul COVID and not how he really is at his best under OConnell. I think O'Connell, before each game and during the game as soon as a pass goes errant, should give Kirk a thorough pimp slapping. That's an open hand across the face and then a back hand with that same hand coming back across in order to nail the other cheek as well. I do this often with my top earners on the street and it works wonders.

3. Our D looked sickening during the Philly game and during the 1st QTR against the Lions. But we redeemed ourselves. Why so bad at first and then why the improvement? I think I can tell you. Donatell was too entirely dedicated to the double shell coverage. He basically informs the opponents the exact defense we will play. Any and all defenses have vulnerabilities. If they have a 93 percent chance of us running a double shell coverage then they can call a play against that which will work most of the time. It isn't the double shell coverage itself that I take issue with. It is predictability. It is deadly to any and all defenses. After the Lions were blowing us out (and, yes, 14 to 0 at the end of the 1st -- and the way the game went -- was a blow-out. At that rate the game would have ended 56 to 0. Blow out.) Donnatell finally changed it up. Most of the great plays by PP came in man to man. In fact, food for thought, our two CBs are best at man to man, not zone. Great coaches fit their schemes to the talent rather than fitting square pegs into round holes. Yes, Cam and PP can do zone but you cannot persuade me they are better at that than at man to man. Do not let this win fool you. Currently our defense is failing. It needs to improve A LOT to become decent to average. We have five pro bowlers on D. Five! What the F?

4. Josh Metellus. Wow! Some thought he'd be cut this camp. I thought he might based on the possible witch hunt to get rid of all late round Spielman picks. But that was mostly focused on the 2021 draft. Metellus was in the 2020 draft. Hey, let's say it: GREAT 6th round pick, Rick! I remember a coach saying you can tell who is going to do something in the NFL, still will after sitting on the bench a year or three, by how they do in special teams. Metellus kicks butt there. We should not be surprised he does great as a starting safety as well. (Note to self: Troy Dye and Kris Boyd also excel at special teams....)

5. Don't let that 75.5 PFF rating on Darrisaw fool you. Yes, that is a very good rating but he's been much better than that. Destroys in the run game, no sacks allowed, hardly any pressure, and no penalties. He is playing at a pro bowl level. The line is doing very well overall, much better than last year. Ingram is fantastic. Cleveland had some rough times in Philly but I'm a huge fan. O'Neill is one of my favorite players on the whole team, part of that being his positivity. I actually halfway think Cousins does have COVID brain fog. His protection is so much better this year, yet his performance is worse. It makes no sense.

This week:

I hated the Saints a lot more with Sean "Coward" Payton, but I still hate them with Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara. If only we had a great defense to shut down and shut up those loud mouths....

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