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Signup for Daily Norseman Pick ‘Em and Survival Pools coming Tuesday

In all the excitement we nearly forgot all about it

NFL: DEC 20 Vikings at Bears Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2022 NFL season is nearly upon us as things get underway this Thursday night between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams and our Minnesota Vikings getting things underway a week from Sunday. With everything that’s been going on in real life for yours truly over the past few months, I almost totally forgot to set up something that we’ve been doing for a number of years now, but we’re rectifying that today.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Daily Norseman’s Pro Pick ‘Em and Survival pools are coming, and the signups for them will be on Tuesday. We will be posting the sign-up instructions for the Pick ‘Em Pool at 12:00 noon Central Time on Tuesday, with the Survival Pool instructions coming a few minutes after that.

That should still give everyone plenty of time to get their picks in for the Thursday night game as well as the picks for the rest of Week 1.

For those that haven’t done our pools before, the Pick ‘Em Pool is just straight-up picks (no point spreads), but Yahoo! Sports does have something called “confidence points” that we use to help score things. Basically, there’s a point value that can be assigned to each game each week based on how sure you are that you’re picking the right team.

For example, if there are 16 games, you will assign each game a confidence value of between 1 and 16. If you think a team is a lock that week, you’d give them a higher value. If you’re not sure of a result or perhaps calling an upset, you might want to use a lower value. Also, we’ll be dropping each selector’s lowest weekly point value, so if you forget your picks one week and take a zero, it won’t kill you. If you miss two weeks, however, you’re probably in trouble.

The Survival Pool is pretty straightforward. Each week, you pick one NFL team that you think is going to win. If they win, you move on to the next week but you can’t pick that team again for the remainder of the season. If they lose. . .well, you’re time in the Survival Pool is over with. That’s it.

We’ll go over the rules again when each post comes out on Tuesday. Yahoo! caps their participants in each pool at 100, so if you want to get in you’ll have to be quick. Also, if the league fills up and anyone wants to put together a second pool for people that didn’t get into the first one, knock yourselves out.

With that, keep an eye out for the signups for this year's Daily Norseman Pick ‘Em and Survival Pools, folks! They’re coming on Tuesday afternoon.