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Sign up for The Daily Norseman’s 2022 NFL Pick ‘Em Pool!

Get in while you can!

Syndication: NorthJersey Keldy Ortiz/

As promised, we’re giving everyone the chance to jump into our annual NFL Pick ‘Em Pool, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports! If you want to get involved and match wits with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans, here’s everything you need to do in order to get into things.

  1. Go to the Yahoo! Sports Pro Pick ‘Em site
  2. Click the “Join a Group” button
  3. Under “Join a Private Group,” enter the Group ID, which is 32406.
  4. Under “Password,” enter $k0lViking$! (you might want to just copy and paste it)
  5. Name your pick set, and you’re good to go!

Picks are due five minutes before the kickoff of each game. That means you have to get your Thursday night picks in earlier but you can wait until Sunday morning for the rest.

Also, don’t forget to assign confidence point values to each of your picks each week. This is a big part of how the picks are scored and how the winner is determined, so it’s pretty important.

Once again, we also drop the lowest-scoring week for each participant. So if you miss a week and take a zero it won’t hurt too much, but you’ll have less margin for error.

With that, head on over and get signed up, folks! We’ll have our Survival Pool signup coming here shortly.