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GA Skol’s 2022 Season Preview

It’s going to be a good one.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another NFL season! It has been a few months since I’ve written anything. I’m usually not the most optimistic, but something about this season has me juiced. The new coaching staff, the revamped OL, Kwesi and the short memory you need as a Viking fan, all have me amped. I’ll break down the season in chunks here and give a prediction of how I see the season going.

First Quarter – score 0-0 and we’re blowing the Gjallarhorn loud and proud. Let’s do this!

Week 1: Packers @ Vikings

I think the teams opens strong and comes out firing. KOC will be looking to get the season off on a strong foot. The defense still needs some time to gel and adjust to the 3-4 formation. This one will be a high scoring affair with the Vikings’ WR tearing up the weak secondary in Green Bay.

Vikings 34 – Packers 30

Week 2: Vikings @ Eagles on MNF

There is a lot of hype with the Eagles this year. PFT had several writers pick them to go to the Super Bowl. I just don’t see it. I think Jalen Hurts is a decent QB, but I can’t see him beating the Vikings. Lower scoring game with the still strong Eagles defense.

Vikings 20 – Eagles 13

Week 3: Lions @ Vikings

The Lions still are the Lions. A lot of big predictions for a jump up this season, but I don’t think they’ll be ready this soon. I see the Lions as a 6–8-win team. This isn’t one of them.

Vikings 27 – Lions 17

Week 4: Vikings @ Saints in London

Famous Jameis put up some big numbers early last year and then go hurt. Can he finally pull his career together? This one could be a tough game. The Vikings’ defense will start to really get comfortable in the new scheme. The offense will be rolling at this point.

Vikings 30 – Saints 20

Second Quarter – 4-0 start! The fan base will be crazed, and the national media attention will be building. We’re thinking Super Bowl already!

Week 5: Bears @ Vikings

Bears might be the worst team in the league after the Texans. Justin Fields is not a real QB and this should be a good win. The Bears’ defense is still stout, but not enough to stop the Vikings.

Vikings 23 – Bears 12

Week 6: Vikings @ Dolphins

This is a make-or-break season for Tua. I think he is better than he gets credit for, but he isn’t good enough to beat this team. Once again, the Vikings go on the road and take care of business.

Vikings 24 – Fins 20

Week 7: Bye

Week 8: Cardinals @ Vikings

After a much needed rest the Vikings face off against Kyler and the Cardinals. The Cards were able to sneak away with a 1-point win in Arizona last year. I think the Vikings come ready for this challenge and the 3-4 defense is better at stopping Kyler.

Vikings 34 – Cardinals 33

Week 9: Vikings @ Washington (that team name is dumb)

Washington is the most likely team to regress from their 2021 record. I think they’re a team in decline. I don’t see them putting up much of a fight.

Vikings 27 – Washington 16

Third Quarter – 8-0 prediction…I must be drunk on purple Kool-Aid. It’s true I usually don’t get this optimistic and I think there might be a loss in there somewhere, but I don’t see it.

Week 10: Vikings @ Bills

This is the toughest game on paper. The Bills are #1 is almost every power ranking I see. Josh Allen is a stud, and that offense is elite. Diggs will be ready to ball against his former team. I can see this one going Buffalo’s way, but I think the team keeps it close.

Buffalo 34 – Vikings 30

Week 11: Cowboys @ Vikings

The Cowboys took down the Vikings last year with their backup QB. It was one of the worst losses of the year. That loss combined with the following OT loss to the Ravens basically ended the playoff hopes. The Vikings will keep their focus with KOC and take care of business here.

Vikings 27 – Cowboys 23

Week 12: Patriots @ Vikings on Thursday Night Football

The Vikings seem to lose to the Patriots every time they play. Billy is a good coach for them. This is the toughest stretch of the schedule, and the Vikings probably expend a lot of energy in Week 11. Mac Jones is going to continue to develop into a solid QB. Short week after a tough game, I’ll predict the L.

Patriots 23 – Vikings 20

Week 13: Jets @ Vikings

The Jets might push the Bears to be the 2nd worst team in the league. I don’t believe in Wilson at QB, and they don’t have a great roster. This team is going nowhere, and the Vikings get back on the winning track after losing 2 of 3.

Vikings 20 – Jets 6

Fourth Quarter – 2-2 stretch in the middle of the season. The team still looks great at 10-2. They’re thinking 1 seed.

Vikings @ Lions

Lions are devastated after losing a lot of close games. They just don’t have the QB to pull them out of it. The team looks better than the 2021 Lions, but KOC has the Vikings humming at this point.

Vikings 17 – Lions 13

Colts @ Vikings

Was the last Colts game Adrian’s last game in purple? Seems like it. This is the 17th add on game for the Vikings to the traditional 16 game schedule. The Colts are a hard team to predict with Matt Ryan joining the team. Can he re-find his touch or is he still the mistake prone QB Atlanta got used to seeing the last few years? I think Ryan plays well but gives the ball away late.

Vikings 24 – Colts 21 in a late comeback victory.

Giants @ Vikings

The third easy game of the year is here. The Giants are very much like the Jets. They have a young QB that just isn’t it. They’re the worst team in their division and will be coasting to the end at this point. Vikings are fighting for playoff seeding and won’t let this one slip away.

Vikings 17 – Giants 3

Vikings @ Packers

Tough game in Lambeau. The Packers will be fighting for a Wild Card spot and the Vikings will be near the top of the NFC. I’ve been optimistic thus far in my predictions. I see this game as winnable, but not a likely win.

Packers 27 – Vikings 23

Overtime – Season record is 13-3 and the Vikings might have wrapped up everything by now. The last game generally is unnecessary (like OT). Let’s get everyone healthy for that playoff run.

Vikings @ Bears

The most unwatchable game with Nick Mullens playing QB. Fans are upset JJ doesn’t get to go for 2,000 yards. The team looks flat because they’re just trying to rest up. The Bears will win one for their new coach and somehow the fanbase will talk themselves into their team not being so bad.

Bears 20 – Vikings 9

Playoffs – 13-4 record for the Vikes will be good enough to the #1 seed (as it was in 2021). They’ll take their bye and get ready for the challengers.

It’s hard to predict a game by game scenario, but a couple of possible opponents.

Tampa Bay – can the Vikes end Tom Brady’s career? Could be a near impossible game to win if it is the NFCCG.

LA Rams – Can they continue their run in the playoffs? They almost lost to the 49ers last year if it weren’t for a dropped INT. I think the Vikings would take care of business against LA.

Packers – The Pack will probably get into the playoffs as a Wild Card. They won their last Super Bowl from that slot. They’ll be a tough out, but I just think the Vikings are better.

NFC East – this could be the Cowboys and/or the Eagles. I don’t see either team scaring the Vikings in the playoffs.

Cardinals/49ers – Both teams will be similar with solid defense and a mobile QB. I don’t like their chances in the playoffs against the big teams.

Saints – they could be a wild card team if Jameis pulls it together. They no longer have the cocky Sean Payton on the sidelines. I think some of that creativity leaves with him.

Well, I am obviously super optimistic predicting a #1 seed. Something the Vikings haven’t done since 1998. The playoffs are impossible to predict (as is the entire season). I see the Rams, Bucs and Packers as the biggest threat to stop the Vikes from getting to their first Super Bowl in decades. I think it will be a wild ride and one of those special seasons. I can’t wait to watch it unfold.