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Justin Jefferson voted to inaugural Players All-Pro Team

An honor voted on by the players

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

Every year, we get an All-Pro team in the National Football League that is voted on by members of the media. This year, for the first time, there has been such a team that has been voted on by the players themselves, and the best wide receiver in the National Football League was among those recognized by his peers.

Justin Jefferson was one of two wide receivers named to the inaugural Players All-Pro Team, which was just released today. You can see the full list of players that were voted to the team in the tweet below from Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Jefferson was the lone member of the Minnesota Vikings that was named to the squad. That’s one more player than the rest of the NFC North had voted to the team.

I’m not completely sure what the voting procedures for this team were, to be honest. I know that the NFL Top 100, which is also voted on by the players, has gotten the reputation of being a bit of a joke. Hopefully the players took this one a bit more seriously.

But, whether they did or not, Justin Jefferson is on the squad, so congratulations to him for that.