KOC and play calling

I am curious as to what others think of KOC’s play calling. I think he undoubtedly changed the locker room culture, which is obviously a good thing. I think the play designs themselves are good, in terms of the route combinations and such. I think that he pre-snap motion is good. But what I didn’t like was the actual play calls. To me, the offense was completely ineffective for large swaths of the game. It seemed like every game was the same thing….score on the first few drives, go completely dormant for the majority of the second and third quarters, and then get back on track in the fourth when we needed to score. For a supposed offensive guru, this is unacceptable to me, we needed more consistency. I think the play calls were bland and predictable at times. Too many screens, not enough play action, not enough deep throws. I don’t pretend to be a football savant, so I am genuinely curious as to what others think. Am I off with my thinking?

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