Trey Lance Is Not a Bust (But that doesn't mean the Vikings should trade for him)

With the report that Trey Lance could be acquired for a third-round pick (Michael Silver), many fans in Minnesota have been debating whether or not the Vikings should throw their hat in the ring. While the idea of a young toolsy Minnesota Native sounds appealing, it might not be in the best interest of the future of the franchise.

Let’s start by looking at some of the positives of making this move. Trey Lance will be coming into the third year of his rookie contract. Also as stated earlier it would only cost a third-round pick, which is a bargain for a former 3rd overall pick and Kwesi Adofo-Mensah has already made a few deals getting former first-round choices for pennies on the dollar. There is also the entertainment factor of bringing in a Minnesota native who has all of the physical talents that people love in a modern-day NFL quarterback. He has elite arm strength and the running ability to be one of the most effective running QBs in the league.

Now we look at the negatives. Firstly, the Minnesota Vikings are light on draft picks, if they made this deal they would have three picks in the 2023 draft and after their first-round selection wouldn’t be making a pick until 119 in the fourth round thanks to the T.J. Hockenson trade. Secondly, we don’t know much about what Trey Lance is. He spent his first year developing behind Jimmy G, with a few opportunities to play. In his second year he suffered a season-ending injury in week 2. On top of that, he would likely spend his third year sitting behind Kirk Cousins which would make it hard to justify picking up his fifth-year option after this next season with so little time spent on the field.

This scenario would only make sense if they could get Trey playing fairly quickly which would mean Kirk leaving sometime during the offseason via trade. While there's a large segment of Vikings fans who wouldn’t mind that scenario, I don’t think that it’s what is most likely to take place. A move like this would likely be part of a larger rebuild, and at this moment in time we’re not quite sure if that is the direction the Vikings will take, regardless of what we think they should do.

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