A mad mock

Using NFL Mock Draft database, I was simply looking to see if I might improve our defence but ended up with a random draft embracing my inner Spielman but hopefully taking advantage of what the mock randomly selected as players who might slide.

Before I started, I began by trading Dalvin Cook to the Fins for their No51. I aware we are dealing away one of our better offensive players but the idea was we take a cap hit of $6.2m but have cap savings of almost $8m and hopefully could replace with a younger and cheaper contributor - like for like

So here it went

R1.23. TRADE Cardinals offer No34, No66, No96, No212, and R5 and R6 next year. Can't turn that down. They draft Clark Phillips III CB

R2.34 from Cardninals DREW SANDERS - ILB in a 3-4 or SLB in a 4-3

R2.51 from Dolphins ZACH CHARBONET RB

R3.66 from Cardinals JACK CAMPBELL - ILB in a 3-4 or MLB in a 4-3 (with Asamoah as a WLB)

R3.87 MIKE MORRIS DL - a strongside 4-3 end or a 3-4 end

R3.96 from Cardinals TRADE Browns offer No98, No125 and No142 and draft Keannu Benton DT

R3.98 from Browns TANNER MCKEE QB

I had noticed at this point Zacch Pickens was available so traded R4.118 and R6.212 to the 49ers for R3.99. There was a dangerous gap in DL options after him

R3.99 from 49ers ZACCH PICKENS DL, a DT or 3-4 DL

R4.125 from Browns CAMERON LATU TE - a No2 if Smith is not resigned

R4.142 from Browwns CAMERON MITCHELL DB - maybe stay at CB maybe a FS


R5.176 TRADE Patriots offer R6183 and R6.186 and draft Derek Parish DL

R6.183 from Patriots RICKY STROMBERG C - IOL can turn into starters from Day3

R6.186 TRADE Giants offer R7.217 and R7.244 and draft Trelon Smith RB

R7.217 from Giants TREVOR DOWNING C/G - doubling down in case I strike gold

R7.244 from Giants MAX MELTON CB - I was just looking around and could not believe he had slid so far

And breath

12 picks in total. 6 on Day2, 6 on Day3. I didn't intend for it to go like this but everytime there was an offer I looked to see who was available and whether it was worth the offer and who might be available if I traded down. The only trade up was because there seemed to be a drop off at DL but a QBOTF possibly hanging around and only one pick

So uncertain as to the defensive alignment I selected defensive players who might work in both, adding youth to the DL and LB corps. A couple of DBs will help and I will certainly never know how the cards fell so that Melton would slide. On the offensive side I needed to replace Cook (my choice) but think we've got enough young talent at WR to not go too high. And realistically if we don't resign Bradbury, C will be a need but based on prospects grading on more than one site, I had the choice of 2 C where pundits suggest they could be early starters (Forsyth and Stromberg)

In the real world I cannot believe the draft will fall this way, but if it did, do fans think the roster will improve as a result?

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