Watching the Philly/Niner game really shed a lot of light to where the Vikings are. Those teams have savage defenses and in the Eagles case, a savage offense to boot. Dallas has everything except a legit qb.

IMO, we are really far away from these teams and we would be fooling ourselves thinking we can even compete head to head in the playoffs.

This offseason will be very crucial to our window with KC. Not just in the draft or FA, but in how we even call a game.

Kwesi must have the skill and nerves to make tough painful decisions, like letting go of beloved vets. Thielen, Hitman, Cook, Kendricks, and Hicks should all be let go to free up cap to sign players that are a scheme fit, and really start a retool. The truth is, we have not won anything with them (not all their fault), so why not start now instead of rolling with what has not worked. My feeling is, Kwesi will try to rework or extend, which is a bad idea. Kicking the tires shows no real desire to get better, but to hope they can make a run with slow, overpaid talent. This is the same thinking that put is in this spot in the first place with Spielman being afraid to cut bait and bring in outside FA. Would the Chiefs, Patriots, Packers, Niners or any smart team do this? Hell no! Hope I am wrong here.

After watching these defenses, does anyone believe we can win with Bradbury and Cleveland? I do not at all. I would trade Cleveland for a 4th if possible and let Bradbury walk. Both are weak in pass protection and will get ate alive against the powerhouses we have seen, like they did already against us this season. There are some good centers in this draft. We can let Reed or Hinton play left guard, hard to imagine they would be worse than Cleveland. Again, nobody should be fooled into thinking we can legit win rolling them out again. Believe this. I do not care about improved, blah blah. Neither is trustworthy in the pass game.

I am not naming FA players to sign here, as its just a wish list, but I would invest primarily at LB, IOL, and DL.

I hope KOC is watching these games, because even though I like him, he has a tremendous amount to learn. For instance, Philly uses Sanders as the primary back, but they are smart enough and have the confidence to allow smaller RBs with blazing speed like Gainwell and Scott to get almost equal carries, and it makes their offense even more difficult and multi dimensional to defend. This simple idea is what makes teams great. Meanwhile, we just roll Cook out and give Mattison relief carries when we have Nwangwu and Chandler who can bring heat. We cannot hope to force feed JJ over and over as a game plan and scramble when it does not work. We all see KOC has ability, now he has to take off the conservative training wheels.

I despise the Eagles, but what Roseman did in a few short years is truly a miracle. They were a hot mess and just hit home run after home run in the draft and FA and got a great young coach to boot.

I hope Flores is hired, that would be huge.

Legs hope there is a lot of growth in season 2 and that we are not afraid to make huge changes. It is absolutely foolish to keep rolling out the same ol players with the same ol results even if we eat some dead cap money. You have to at least try.


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