QB in the Draft!

Hey Vikings Fans,

I have been reading some great threads over the past couple of weeks that get into the philosophy going forward, and what the Vikings should be doing. Obviously, there are a lot of varied opinions of where this team is at, what to do with aging vets, worries about salary cap, and of course the direction of the draft.

It does start with Kwesi and company's belief on where we are as a franchise. I personally hate the "competitive rebuild" idea, as it sounds like we are going to try to get into the playoffs while committing to building young personnel into quality starters. I hate it because I don't believe that drafting at 23 or somewhere around there is truly going to get you the massive difference makers that are needed. I of course realize that JJ was drafted at 22, but I think we were quite fortunate that he fell that far, and I don't believe that that kind of player reaches that level often. Too much uncertainty by 23 on each draft prospect, or at least consensus is starting to differ by this point in the draft on difference makers.

So, I am not a fan of extending KC, unless we can't draft a rookie QB to take his place in 2024. I want to get out from his massive contract that will only hamstring us further. I believe that to find a franchise QB, you either pay out the nose, or you spend lots of draft picks for this position. So the drafting of Ponder, Teddy, etc, are all getting us closer to finding that franchise QB (unless you are Cleveland).

So my thoughts are as to where do we look for a qb? There are those consensus names at the top of the list. We are not getting Stroud, Levis, or Young. Not going to happen. Richardson should also be tough to get. Perhaps he is available at 23, but I doubt that will happen. In addition to this, I believe we are going to need to trade back to acquire more draft capital to take more shots at young players.

I am using PFF draft rankings for the following questions and analysis. I plan to go into much more detail with draft rankings after the combine, but for now, there is just too much variability left to invest time in a statistical analysis of rankings that will change drastically in a month. I have included a very brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses of each, and I will be watching the QB skills in the combine closely.

Richardson's ranking is 11th. Strengths: Dual threat QB, great arm strength, great athleticism, can change velocity on throws for different purposes, powerful runner. Concerns: Throwing mechanics need work. His accuracy is inconsistent.

McKee is ranked 28th. Strengths: Size, confident pocket passer, effective for RPO, good accuracy. Concerns: not a runner, needs a clean pocket, on the move decreases accuracy significantly, lack of athleticism to some extent.

Hendon Hooker is 89th. Strengths: NFL arm, good accuracy on short and intermediate throws, improved deep ball, dual threat, impressive runner, smart, high-character. Concerns: Holds ball too long, can make panicked throws, can be flat-footed, can be sloppy with mechanics especially on the run, current offense isn't NFL so steep learning curve.

O'Connell is 138th. Strengths: Athletic, good vision, good elusiveness, good game management, good placement on some intermediate routes, quick release, good but not great arm strength, can make plays with legs. Concerns: Struggled with decision making, and making some reads, good arm but not great, can throw from back foot, and all arm at times.

Haener is ranked 140th. Strengths: Good arm strength, good ball placement, confident, good accuracy when in rhythm, flashes anticipation, good touch on short and intermediate. Concerns: slight frame with little room for growth, good but not great arm, fails to give receivers a play after the catch.

So the question then becomes what do we do at QB? I have my own thoughts, but am really curious where others feel we should address this issue.

My plan.

Keep KC where he is on a one year deal.

Trade back into the 30's somewhere, and pick up an early 3rd round pick (maybe more than that, I'm not going to look up chart values, Kwesi can take care of that!).

Draft either iOL or DL in the 30's. Build the lines!

Draft Hooker in early 3rd round.

Build the team from there.

Rationale. We need youth, we need to protect it. I think that one year of tutelage under KC will be really good for Hooker. I would try to keep Mullens around too as an experienced starter and backup in the league. I want a young thrower with athleticism and a chance to improve and be a great starter. Many may argue with my last statement about Hooker being great, but I like him as the chance in this draft that doesn't compromise future drafts or current picks.

Richardson will not be available at 23. We would need to trade up. McKee should be available at 23, but I don't want a QB that is only a pocket passer, even though he is good in the pocket. Our iOL is just not going to protect him enough. I feel that we can't improve the line enough for him, though a year under KC gives another chance to draft or sign more help for the line. I just want more picks now to build, so I want to trade back. It isn't a necessary approach, and by the time of the draft Kwesi may add picks for the Vikings. O'Connell's struggles with decision making concerns me. Less complicated in college, and I don't think that will improve in the NFL. Not enough to make him a franchise QB. Lastly Haener's size limitations and his inability to hit receivers in space so they can make plays is unfortunate. He has some great traits, but I don't think he ascends to starter, let alone franchise quality.

WITH ALL OF THIS, please remember that I am an armchair GM. I love the exercise, and the problem solving, but I only have access to so much information and time.

What would you do?

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