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Daily Norseman on The Chase Thomas Podcast

Eric joined Chase Thomas and Evan Sowards to discuss what’s next for the Vikings along with all the latest news and notes from around the NFL Championship Games and coaching carousel.

On Monday night, I joined Chase Thomas on his podcast along with Evan Sowards from The 49ers Hub to discuss all things NFL. We opened the show with what turned out to be a therapy session for poor Evan, who watched his beloved 49ers disintegrate in the NFC Championship Game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday while losing both their third (Brock Purdy) and fourth (Josh Johnson) quarterback options. Evan was down so bad that he even called the 49ers “cursed”, but Chase (who is a lifelong Falcons fan) and I (obviously a lifelong Vikings fan) had to step in and provide a little perspective on exactly what cursed NFL franchises look like.

After a post mortem on San Francisco’s sudden end to the season and speculation on what they’ll do at quarterback next year—yes, a Trey Lance for Kirk Cousins swap was briefly mentioned but never taken seriously—we transitioned to how the Vikings will look different next year, starting with their open Defensive Coordinator position. I explained how the Vikings will have to make some extremely tough decisions on some players that have been extremely popular for the past several years, including Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, Eric Kendricks, and Harrison Smith.

We finished our discussion by covering a variety of NFL topics, including but not limited to:

  • The Chargers immediately scooping up Kellen Moore, and what the Cowboys were thinking
  • The refereeing decisions that may or may not have swung the Chiefs’ victory over the Bengals in the AFC Championship
  • Which of the early coaching hires will have the greatest impact next season

Listen to the entire podcast below on your platform of choice. Thanks again to Chase for having me on the show. Talking football with Chase and Evan is always as fun and free-flowing as sitting at the bar with a couple of friends you have known forever.

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