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Vikings Slipping As Postseason Nears

News that right tackle Brian O’Neill is done for the season due to a partially torn Achilles. What does this mean for the O-line rolling into the playoffs?

On this Vikings Happy Hour … Vikings Happy Hour is back after another disappointing loss. Are these issues fixable or should we be concerned with this team as we get into the postseason?

To add to a bad loss the Vikings lost their backup C Austin Schlottmann and RT Brian O’Neill. The boys examine the injuries and chat if the Minnesota Vikings can make it through playoffs without them.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with who we want to face in the playoffs, and what the most optimal result heading into Wild Card weekend!

Discussion topics the bartender has lined up for episode 078 are:

- Are we confident in this team?

- The loss of Brian O’Neill when we need him most

- Who do you want to face in the playoffs?

- Predictions

Grab your Lake Monster Beer and enjoy the show, and when it’s over remember to go order your own That’s Bad Ass Wood Art using promo code CTPocket for 20% off any one item!


Fan with us!!! The regulars: Matt Anderson @MattAnderson_8, Ryan Ortega @sportsguyry, Myles Gorham @MylesGorham85, and Producer Dave @Luft_Krigare enjoying another @LakeMonsterBrew. This is a @Climb_ThePocket & @DailyNorseman production. The show’s Twitter handle is @VikingHappyHour.