Support Admiral BigGun's 2023 Polar Plunge

Hey Folks!

Admiral BigGun here...DN Member ABG raises $$$$ for Special Olympics MN

You may know me from past posts including:

and many other places.

Anywho... if you have been around the DN for a while, you might know that i have been a respected celebrated tolerated well known um... somewhat acknowledged member of the Norseman community around these parts for more than a decade.

Admiral BigGun’s Purple Plungers

Admiral BigGun started plunging in 2018 in the greater metro area and it wasn’t long before he found a talented group of Vikings fans who wanted to help pay if forward.

Last year this EPIC community helped us raise a TON of $$$
ABG was able to contribute over $4250.00 in 2022 and with YOUR SUPPORT and the support of all those who helped… the Purple Plungers raised over $11,000.00!

Yeah, you read that right…





100% of those dollars were donated to Special Olympics Minnesota.

Fundraising has been EXTREAMLY DIFFICULT THIS YEAR... and I would be HONORED if you could help out.

This year, if you help me get to $3000.00... I promise to post a video of my jump and you can enjoy watching me freeze my #$$ OFF!



Thanks folks. I appreciate you!

Holler in the comments if you have questions. Thanks again. SKOL!

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