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SB Nation Reacts Results: Sky not falling for Vikings after all

Would you look at that?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got our results for this week’s SB Nation Reacts polls about our Minnesota Vikings, so let’s take a look at those before we get into tomorrow afternoon’s game.

We first, as is our wont, asked our standard question about how you feel about the team’s direction. And, while we expected the standard drop in confidence, it wasn’t as bad as it’s been in some past weeks.

Following Sunday’s loss, 54% of fans are still confident in the direction that the team is going. That’s not a season low, which honestly surprises me a bit given who the Vikings lost to and by how much, but it’s still a pretty big drop from last week’s 88% mark.

Our other question for this week centered around how the Vikings should handle this weekend’s game against the Chicago Bears. The results for this one were actually a lot closer than I thought they’d be.

Of our respondents, 56% of you think that the Vikings should rest their starters against the Bears and prepare for a 3/6 matchup against the New York Giants on Wild Card Weekend. It sounds like the Vikings are going to let the starters play a little bit at the beginning, at least, but it also sounds like they’re going to try to rotate in a few more guys a bit earlier than usual. I’m not sure exactly how Kevin O’Connell is going to play it, but we’re just about twenty-four hours away from finding out.

Those are our SB Nation Reacts poll results for this week, folks! Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote in the poll for this week.

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