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Vikings 2023 Opponents Set

Who will they play next season?

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

With nearly every game of the 2022 NFL regular season in the books, we can tell you that the Minnesota Vikings’ opponents for the 2023 NFL season are officially set.

Here is who the purple will face next season and where.

Home Games

Road Games

Let’s break down how the schedule is formulated.

First off, the Vikings have their home-and-home series against their three NFC North rivals.

In 2023, the NFC North is matched up against the NFC South for intra-conference play. The Vikings will play all four teams in that division, with two of those games at home and two on the road. The last time the NFC North matched up with the NFC South was in 2020, and the Vikings played the Falcons and Panthers at home while facing the Buccaneers and Saints on the road, so those will be reversed next season.

In inter-conference play, the Vikings are matched up against the AFC West. They will play all four of those teams as well, with two games at home and two games on the road. In 2019, the last time these two divisions were aligned against each other on the regular season schedule, the Vikings faced the Broncos and Raiders at home and the Chiefs and Chargers on the road, so those will flip for the 2023 season.

Two of the other games feature the Vikings facing the teams that finished in the same position the Vikings did in the other two divisions, in this case the NFC East and the NFC West. As the winners of the NFC North, the Vikings will face Philadelphia (NFC East champs) on the road and San Francisco (NFC West champs) at home.

The final game, thanks to the advent of the 17-game schedule, sees the Vikings against another AFC opponent. Again, it’s based on a team finishing in the same position as the Vikings in the NFC North. In 2023, the NFC North will match up with the AFC North, and that’s why the Vikings will travel to Cincinnati. The Bengals were declared the AFC North champions prior to this weekend’s game after the Monday Night Football game that was stopped because of the Damar Hamlin injury was officially canceled (and solidified that spot by beating the Baltimore Ravens in Week 18).

So, there are your Vikings 2023 opponents and why the schedule breaks down the way it does.

Anyone planning on making any road trips in 2023 or making the pilgrimage to U.S. Bank Stadium to take in a game?