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Detroit Lions capture 2022 Linear Super Bowl championship

Good on them!

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The 2022 regular season has come to an end for the Minnesota Vikings (and the 31 other teams that don’t matter quite as much). With the end of the season also comes the end of the race for this year’s Linear Super Bowl championship, and this year the crown will stay in the NFC North.

For those that haven’t been tracking, the Vikings captured the Linear Super Bowl title back in Week 1 when they defeated the Green Bay Packers and a collective of whining babies on social media declared that the Vikings had “won their Super Bowl.” So, the guys over at Norse Code decided to run with it and created the Linear Super Bowl title for this season.

The Vikings then lost the Linear Super Bowl title to the Philadelphia Eagles and it stayed in the NFC East for the majority of the season with the Washington Commanders and the New York Giants each getting a turn with the title.

Minnesota then recaptured the title on Christmas Eve with their victory over the Giants, but lost it to. . .ironically enough. . .the Packers the next week. (Guess that turned out to be the Packers’ “Super Bowl,” eh?) Last night in the final game of the regular season, however, the Detroit Lions walked out with a victory to become the 2022 Linear Super Bowl champions.

Overall, six different teams held the Linear Super Bowl title for this season, three in the NFC North and three in the NFC East.

Thanks to Arif and James over at Norse Code for bringing us the idea of the Linear Super Bowl for this year. We don’t know when it will start next season, unless the Packers and the Vikings play each other in Week 1 again next year, but wherever it starts and ends we will keep track of it right here.

2022 Linear Super Bowl

  • Week 1 - Minnesota Vikings (defeated Green Bay Packers)
  • Week 2 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Minnesota Vikings)
  • Week 3 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Washington Commanders)
  • Week 4 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Week 5 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Arizona Cardinals)
  • Week 6 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Dallas Cowboys)
  • Week 7 - Philadelphia Eagles (bye week)
  • Week 8 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Week 9 - Philadelphia Eagles (defeated Houston Texans)
  • Week 10 - Washington Commanders (defeated Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Week 11 - Washington Commanders (defeated Houston Texans)
  • Week 12 - Washington Commanders (defeated Atlanta Falcons)
  • Week 13 - SUSPENDED due to Washington/New York tie
  • Week 14 - SUSPENDED due to Washington/New York tie
  • Week 15 - New York Giants (defeated Washington Commanders)
  • Week 16 - Minnesota Vikings (defeated New York Giants)
  • Week 17 - Green Bay Packers (defeated Minnesota Vikings)
  • Week 18 - Detroit Lions (defeated Green Bay Packers)