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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 5 (Chefs)

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Another tough loss in a winnable game. It’s bizzarro world from 2022. Plenty of blame to go around so let’s get started! I am traveling in Asia this week, so not sure if I’ll get a Nincompoop in next week. Going to have to find a TV in Thailand.

KJ Osborn – Why is KJ a Nincompoop? This dude just has no ability to play the position. He’s in over his head and it is costing the offense. The play in the end zone where he didn’t turn his head in time and nearly got hit in the face with the ball is a perfect example. Another play with around 6 minutes left where Jordan Addison was pointing and begging KJ to run to the left and he cut nearly 90 degrees right to get tackled by 4 Chiefs. KJ has the hands of Wreck It Ralph and the vision of Ray Charles.

TJ Hockenson – Why is TJ a Nincompoop? TJ had his hands on three balls than ended up incomplete. All three were tough catches and I don’t expect him to make all three. That is a tough ask. However, I do expect him to occasionally make the catch when the ball isn’t in the perfect position. He’s forgotten how to catch this year and it is costing the team games.

Alexander Mattison – Why is Mattison a Nincompoop? Much like the first two on this list, he has hands of stone. He dropped the tying touchdown on a screen because he started to run without the ball. His lack of concentration and discipline is terrible. He isn’t a starting calibre running back and I am hoping he’s replaced by Cam Akers soon.

Kevin O’Connell – Why is KOC a Nincompoop? The team gets off to slow starts every game. The team is undiscipline, unorganized and seemingly unmotivated. The end of halves this season have been terrible. I don’t understand how they were so good last year and this year it seems like KOC forgot how to manage the clock. The last two minutes of halves are to blame for 3 of the 4 losses. Disappointing to see because last year he looked like he might be a great coach. So far this year, the opposite.

Harrison Smith - Why is Hitman a Nincompoop? The DPI might have been questionable (I think it was the correct call), but he shouldn’t have put himself in that position. It’s like he panicked a bit at the last minute. I expect him to eventually lose a step, but the mental mistake doesn’t make sense to me.

Cam Bynum – Why is Cam a Nincompoop? It’s just for the play where he turned a sure INT to a completion. Almost the opposite of what Harrison Smith did. Cam turned for the ball, but didn’t stay with the receiver. He mistimed his jump and the ball went over his head. That can’t happen and they defense can’t let them convert 3rd and 20+.


Who is your Nincompoop of the Week?

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    KJ Osborn
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    TJ Hockenson
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    Alexander Mattison
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    Kevin O’Connell
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    Harrison Smith
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    Cam Bynum
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