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Congratulations to StormRed on winning our Starter Pullover Jacket giveaway!

He hit the mark right on the nose!

The Minnesota Vikings’ Week 6 victory over the Chicago Bears is officially in the books, and so is our contest to give away a brand new Starter Pullover Jacket courtesy of our friends from Homage! We had a bunch of entries in our contest, but only one person could be declared the winner, so let’s get right to it.

We had three questions concerning the Vikings’ game today for you to answer if you wanted to enter yourself in the giveaway. The first one had to do with how many passing yards Kirk Cousins would have with “Price is Right” rules in play, which means you had to get as close to the number as possible without going over. Only three entries did not overshoot the marker, and if this was The Price is Right, one of our entrants would have gotten some extra cash from Drew Carey for hitting it right on the nose.

According to the NFL Game Stats and Information Service, Kirk Cousins was 21/31 for 181 yards and a touchdown. Below is a picture of our winning entry.

StormRed is our winner for predicting Cousins’ exact passing yardage total against the Bears. What an outstanding guess! After further review, it was determined that their entry did get in before the deadline. . .just before the deadline. . .so they are the winner.

Congratulations to StormRed on winning our contest, and thank you to everybody who entered! As a reminder, for everyone who didn’t win our giveaway, you can get these sweet Starter Pullover Jackets at Homage starting tomorrow, October 16th. They’re a part of the Minnesota Vikings Collection from Homage, and with the holiday season coming up, they’ve got all sorts of nice stuff for the Vikings fan(s) in your life.

Congratulations once again to StormRed! I’ll be in touch shortly via the e-mail address that is attached to your SB Nation account.