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How Dalton Risner Can Help The Vikings

I mean, he’s not Ed Ingram, right?

Detroit Lions v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings have been on a quest to strengthen their offensive line, and their recent acquisition of guard Dalton Risner is a significant step in the right direction. Risner, a talented and versatile lineman, brings a wealth of skills and experience that will undoubtedly benefit the Vikings’ offense.

One of the primary areas of concern for the Vikings in recent seasons has been their pass protection. Quarterback Kirk Cousins has often faced pressure from opposing defenses, leading to sacks, fumbles, and disrupted passing plays. Dalton Risner’s addition will help solidify the interior offensive line, reducing the chances of pass-rushing threats reaching Cousins. His ability to anchor against powerful defensive linemen and provide a clean pocket for Cousins will be invaluable in the passing game.

In addition to improving pass protection, Risner’s presence will also have a positive impact in the Vikings’ running game as well. Alexander Mattison and Cam Akers, the new one-two running back punch, will benefit from Risner’s run-blocking skills. Risner’s ability to open up running lanes and create opportunities for Mattison and Akers to showcase their explosiveness in different ways and will make the Vikings’ ground attack that much more formidable.

Risner’s versatility is another asset that the Vikings can leverage. He has the ability to play multiple positions on the offensive along the offensive line, including guard and tackle. This versatility is crucial in the NFL, where injuries can disrupt a team’s plan. Risner’s flexibility ensures that the Vikings have depth and options, allowing them to adapt to changing circumstances during the season.

Beyond his on-field skills, Dalton Risner brings a strong work ethic and leadership qualities to the Vikings’ locker room. His dedication to the game and commitment to his teammates will set a positive example for the entire team. Risner’s leadership can help foster a culture of accountability and excellence within the team, which can be instrumental in achieving success.

Building cohesion with the offensive line is crucial for success, and probably a part of the reason Risner was not on the field Sunday against the Panthers. Risner does have the ability to quickly adapt and develop chemistry with teammates and fellow linemen will be essential, and it has been visible ever since his arrival in Minnesota. Risner was quoted saying he “just wants to earn the respect of his teammates first, then go from there.” The cohesion can lead to better communication and coordination on the field, reducing breakdowns in protection and ensuring smoother running plays.

The addition of Dalton Risner to the Minnesota Vikings is a significant step toward addressing the team’s offensive line issues. His skills in pass protection and run blocking, coupled with his versatility and leadership, make him a valuable asset. With Risner in the mix, the Vikings are poised to improve their overall performance, protecting Kirk Cousins and enhancing the rushing attack. As the season starts to unfold, Vikings fans can expect to see the positive impact of Risner’s presence on the field, potentially propelling the Vikings into contention this season.