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Enter The Daily Norseman’s Second Chance Survivor Contest!

If you’re out of the first one, here’s another shot.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this year, we gave everyone an opportunity to enter a Survivor Contest with the chance to win money for showing your NFL selection prowess. Now that we’re four weeks into the season, obviously not everyone is still in that contest. . .but we’re giving you a second chance!

Yes, Minnesota Vikings fans, you now have an opportunity to enter our Second Chance Survivor Pool, with an opportunity to take home a cool $100 if you find yourself triumphant. Let us explain again how a Survivor Pool works.

Each week, you will pick one. . .and only one. . .NFL team that you think will win their game that week. If that team loses, you are out of the pool. If that team wins, you will move on to the next week, but you can’t pick that team again for the rest of the time you’re in the pool. The contest continues every week until all but one player is eliminated.

Since there was some confusion about signing up last time, we’re going to clarify a few things here.

The registration for this game is separate from your Daily Norseman login or from a DraftKings login if you have one. To register for an account to play the game, go down to the game below and click on “Register for an account.” It asks for your first name, email, and a password you create. Your email will NOT be sold or given away. It is strictly so you can get a weekly reminder to make your pick and so you can get a password reset sent to you if you forget your password.

This is a Second Chance contest. If you entered our first contest and have navigated your way to Week 5, you are not eligible for this contest. You are only eligible for this contest if you a) got eliminated from the original contest or b) did not enter the original contest in the first place.

If you played the Week 1 contest and were eliminated, your registration still works. Log in like you did the first time and you’ll be prompted to create a new entry name. If you did not play the game the first time around, you’ll need to create a log-in. After you register, you will be asked for an entry name. That is not the team that you’ll be picking for this week’s games, but rather the name that will show up on the leaderboard to represent your entry.

Best of luck to everyone who signs up for our Second Chance Survivor Pool!