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Recapping and clarifying the Vikings’ trade deadline

Let’s see what the final results are

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

UPDATE: There was an inaccuracy found in the draft pick listings below. The sixth-rounder that the Vikings sent to the Rams for Cam Akers is a 2026 pick, not 2024. Their sixth-round pick in 2024 is going to Arizona in exchange for Joshua Dobbs.

Corrections have been made below.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I wasn’t really expecting the Minnesota Vikings to do very much when today’s NFL trade deadline came about. But, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and company fooled me by being involved in a pair of trades on Tuesday. There were draft picks flowing in both directions, so let’s take a moment to recap and clarify what the Vikings did and what the end results were.

The Vikings started things off by sending a sixth-round pick to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for quarterback Joshua Dobbs and a seventh-round pick. (This is what The Ringer recently dubbed a “ham sandwich” trade.) The seventh-round pick that the Cardinals sent to the Vikings is a pick they received from the Atlanta Falcons at some point, and it could potentially become a sixth-round pick if certain conditions are met. We haven’t seen or heard anything about what those conditions are yet, but hopefully there will be some clarification soon.

Minnesota then turned around and sent guard Ezra Cleveland to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a sixth-round pick in 2024. The pick that Jacksonville is sending to Minnesota is a pick that they acquired from the Carolina Panthers.

The Vikings also traded a sixth-round pick to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for running back Cam Akers and a seventh-round pick. . .another “ham sandwich” deal. Based on those three trades, it would appear that it’s time to update our post from earlier in the offseason about the Vikings’ draft pick situation. (NOTE: As stated in the correction above, the sixth-rounder traded for Akers is a 2026 pick, not 2024. That was my mistake.)

Rounds 1 and 2

The Vikings have not done anything with their picks in the first two rounds of this year’s draft. They are still their picks.

Round 3

The Vikings’ third-round pick will be going to the Detroit Lions as part of the completion of the T.J. Hockenson trade.

Round 4

As the other part of completing the Hockenson trade, the Lions will be sending the Vikings their fourth-round pick in 2024.

There’s also a chance that the Vikings will have to send their fourth-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles to complete the Jalen Reagor trade from 2022, but that will only happen if Reagor meets certain statistical incentives that, frankly, he’s quite unlikely to meet.

Round 5

If Reagor does not meet the statistical conditions for his trade, the Vikings will send the Eagles their fifth-round pick. This seems way more likely.

Minnesota will also be acquiring a fifth-round pick from the Cleveland Browns as part of the Za’Darius Smith trade. It has not yet been confirmed anywhere that I’ve seen whether or not this is Cleveland’s fifth-round pick or a fifth-round pick that they acquired from Carolina.

The Vikings will also receive a fifth-round pick from the Kansas City Chiefs as a result of a trade they made on draft weekend in 2023.

Round 6

The Vikings shipped their own sixth-round pick to the Cardinals in exchange for Joshua Dobbs, as detailed above.

Minnesota will also receive a sixth-round pick from Jacksonville as a part of the Ezra Cleveland trade, as detailed above.

Along with that, the Vikings will also receive a sixth-round pick from the Las Vegas Raiders, through the New England Patriots, from the Vederian Lowe trade this offseason.

Round 7

The Vikings will be sending their own seventh-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft to the Raiders to complete the Nick Mullens trade.

Last, but not least, the Vikings will acquire a seventh-round pick from the Cardinals in the Joshua Dobbs trade. That pick could be a sixth-round pick if certain conditions are met.

With that, here’s what the Vikings’ collection of 2024 NFL Draft picks currently looks like.

  • Round 1 pick
  • Round 2 pick
  • Round 3 pick (traded to Detroit in T.J. Hockenson trade)
  • Round 4 pick
  • Round 4 pick (acquired from Detroit in T.J. Hockenson trade)
  • Round 5 pick (traded to Philadelphia in Jalen Reagor trade, could be a fourth but probably not)
  • Round 5 pick (acquired from Cleveland in Za’Darius Smith trade, might be Carolina’s pick)
  • Round 5 pick (acquired from Kansas City in 2023 Draft Weekend trade)
  • Round 6 pick (traded to Arizona Cardinals in Joshua Dobbs trade)
  • Round 6 pick (acquired from Carolina via Jacksonville in Ezra Cleveland trade)
  • Round 6 pick (acquired from Las Vegas via New England in Vederian Lowe trade)
  • Round 7 pick (traded to Las Vegas in Nick Mullens trade)
  • Round 7 pick (acquired from Arizona in Joshua Dobbs trade, could be a sixth)

I think that pretty well summarizes everything. That should give the Vikings nine picks in the 2024 NFL Draft as things stand right now.

What do you think of everything that’s gone down, folks?