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Minnesota Vikings license plates are coming in January

Will you be getting them for your vehicle?

Picture courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

In a few months, Minnesota Vikings fans will have a brand new way to display their fandom for everyone to see.

The state of Minnesota will be making license plates featuring the famous Viking head logo available starting on 1 January. You can see a picture of the plates in the header image, but here’s another look at what the whole plate will look like.

If you want these new Viking-centric plates, it will cost you an extra $30 on top of your normal registration cost. That $30 will be donated to the Minnesota Vikings Foundation, which works to advance children’s health and education initiatives.

I’m not sure about how many characters you get on one of these plates if you potentially want to personalize it. I know that Vikings has eight letters, so that might be the limit. . .or it might just be for display purposes.

Will you be getting a set of Minnesota Vikings license plates for your ride when they become available, folks?