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SB Nation Reacts Results: Commence the ground Cam-paign

The people have spoken

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got the results of our latest SB Nation Reacts questions about the Minnesota Vikings to talk about, so let’s take some time to go ahead and do that now.

As always, we asked you our standard question about whether or not you were confident in the direction the team was moving in, and it appears that getting into the “W” column has renewed some optimism for our fans.

This week, a full 58% of our respondents are positive about the direction of the team. Now, what you define as a “positive direction” is entirely up to you, but it’s nice to see some optimism out there, whatever the reason might be. A loss this Sunday, however, and I’m afraid that graph up there is going to start looking like Charlie Brown’s t-shirt.

We also asked you who you thought should be leading the ground attack going forward, and the majority have come to an agreement again.

After his Vikings debut last Sunday in Carolina, enough people were impressed with Cam Akers to say that he should get the lead role. In fact, 56% of the folks that responded to our poll say that Akers should be the lead back ahead of Alexander Mattison. Mattison has looked pretty solid the last two games, and Akers did average eight yards/carry in his limited touches against the Panthers, so maybe Kevin O’Connell and Wes Phillips will try to balance things out a bit more going forward.

Those are our SB Nation Reacts results for this week, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be back next week with more questions to make your opinion heard on.

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