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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks, 2023: Week 10

Over the halfway point of the year!

NFL To Revamp Shield With Redesigned Logo Photo by Gene Lower/Getty Images

We have, officially, made it to the halfway point of the 2023 regular season, folks! That means it’s time to do a full review of how we’re doing so far this season with our NFL picks before we get to exactly how the guys that power your favorite Minnesota Vikings website are picking this week’s games.

Let’s quickly go through all three categories, keeping in mind that there is a little bit of variance for people missing picks at different times and things like that. These come from the widget that usually gets put up here for standings for the recent week and things of that nature, based on win percentage.

Straight-Up/Moneyline Picks

  1. Austin Arnhold: 85-42
  2. Mark Pittman: 86-46
  3. Ed Brodmarkle: 89-47
  4. Eric Thompson: 87-50
  5. GA Skol: 85-51
  6. Tyler Ireland: 80-53
  7. Warren Ludford: 76-58
  8. Christopher Gates: 78-59
  9. Chris Martens: 65-56

Everyone’s over .500 in the straight-up picks, which is what you’d expect from really smart football types like us, right? Austin has a slight lead over Mark and Ed at the halfway point, getting 67% of his picks while Mark and Ed are around 65%. Once again, I find myself near the bottom of the list, but that’s okay. I’m sure this race will heat up as we get closer to the end of the season.

Spread Picks

  1. Ed Brodmarkle: 76-55-5
  2. Chris Martens: 70-50-1
  3. Austin Arnhold: 70-53-3
  4. Christopher Gates: 68-65-4
  5. GA Skol: 66-66-4
  6. Tyler Ireland: 63-65-5
  7. Eric Thompson: 65-67-5
  8. Mark Pittman: 59-66-7
  9. Warren Ludford: 61-70-3

If you’re following Ed’s picks, you’ve probably significantly increased your bankroll and should probably give him a percentage. Half of us are .500 or better with our spread picks so far, and Tyler and Eric are both pretty close to that mark. Can we maintain it?

Over/Under Picks

  1. Austin Arnhold: 67-55-2
  2. Mark Pittman: 69-60-3
  3. Chris Martens: 62-57-2
  4. Tyler Ireland: 68-63-2
  5. Warren Ludford: 65-66-3
  6. Christopher Gates: 65-69-3
  7. Ed Brodmarkle: 64-69-3
  8. Eric Thompson: 61-73-3
  9. GA Skol: 53-79-4

Over/unders have been tricky for a lot of us since we started making these picks with Tallysight, and this year is no exception. It seems like there have been a lot more “unders” this year than there have been in past seasons. Might have to adjust for that going forward.

With that, here’s who we’re rolling with in Week 10. As always, we remind you that the spreads and other numbers might be different for each individual selector based on when they put their picks into the system. For the latest lines and numbers, you can always check with our friends at the DraftKings Sportsbook.

Unanimous Picks

8-1 Picks

7-2 Picks

6-3 Picks

5-4 Picks

We have the same number of unanimous picks as we have 5-4 picks this week. . .a lot of games that seem to have some differing opinions this time around. Should be an interesting weekend of football all around.

Who are you taking in Week 10, folks?