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Vikings’ Playoff Positioning, Brian Flores’ Mastery, and Vikings vs Saints Preview

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers, we explore the Vikings’ dramatic comeback into playoff contention after a shaky start to the season, discuss the impactful role of defensive coordinator Brian Flores, and provide a detailed preview of the upcoming clash with the Saints. SKOL!

Welcome to another episode of Two Old Bloggers with Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano. Today, we dive into the Vikings’ incredible turnaround, Brian Flores’ defensive magic, and a preview of the upcoming clash against the Saints.

Playoff Positioning

Rewind to the start of the season when the Vikings were 0-2, then 0-3, and the playoff chances looked bleak. But now, after six weeks, the Vikings are 5-4 and are the 7th playoff team in line. Despite losing Kirk Cousins for the season, the path to the playoffs looks hopeful for the Vikings.

This turnaround is partly due to a mediocre NFC and teams competing for that 7th and final playoff spot, like the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Commanders. The Vikings are ahead of these teams, and it’s challenging to foresee these teams rattling off multiple victories in the remaining games.

The Vikings’ 5-2 record against the NFC is another advantage. If tie-breaking scenarios arise, conference winning percentage is the second criterion, and the Vikings have an excellent record in the conference.

Brian Flores – MVC (Most Valuable Coordinator)?

Defensive coordinator Brian Flores deserves recognition for his impressive work with the Vikings defense. Even though the Vikings aren’t performing at the level of the Browns or Ravens defense this year, Flores’ game plans and systems have had a substantial positive impact.

During their four-game winning streak, the Vikings have ranked 7th in scoring defense, giving up just 17 points per game. Critical players like Jordan Hicks, Danielle Hunter, Josh Metellus, and Cam Bynum have delivered excellent performances under Flores’ guidance.

Vikings vs Saints preview

Josh Dobbs deserves a standing ovation for his performance last Sunday in Atlanta. The Vikings put up a season-high in points with their fourth QB and without their best wide receiver, and they still won. Now, the question is - can Dobbs do it again?

The New Orleans Saints' defense has some high-end players, but they’ve struggled with mobile QBs, and Dobbs fits that description. The Vikings need to take advantage of this and give the Saints' defense an offense they haven’t seen before.

The Vikings' defense, under Brian Flores, has been playing well, and they have a tough job against the Saints’ diverse set of assets. Derek Carr has been playing well for the Saints and, although he’s capable of putting up big numbers, he’s not a player to be feared.

Flores’ defensive strategy will play a crucial role in this game, and Vikings fans will be eagerly watching to see what he has up his sleeve.

That’s all for today’s episode. Join us next time as we continue to delve into the world of the Vikings on Two Old Bloggers. SKOL!

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