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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 11 November 2023

“The only thing I know is that I know nothing” - Socrates

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Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons

It is going to be interesting to see Josh Dobbs start the rest of this season. I doubt Hall is going to come back and be named starter. He got Wally Pipped by Dobbs. It is OK for Hall because he probably needed to sit this year anyway.

If Dobbs plays well and the team makes the playoffs, does that make the decision to re-sign Cousins harder? Would Kwesi sign Dobbs to a 10M per year deal (or so), draft a rookie, and have Hall too?

Does Kwesi re-sign Cousins AND re-sign Dobbs? I like this too but Dobbs is going to get paid and it is unknown what Cousins could get or will want. I said the floor is 40M but if he took a huge discount that would be great for the team. I doubt Dobbs would come back if they brought back Cousins though. He may want to go to a team where he has a better chance at getting some playing time? Who knows?

Got to play the games first to get more information on Dobbs.

Since yore last open thread ...

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Other Vikings News

AFC executive makes strong statement about Josh Dobbs’ future in the NFL as a QB

“He’s earned high-level No. 2 status,” said the AFC executive. “A guy who can start games for you if you need. And that pays pretty good money.”
While that might sound underwhelming, it’s not. ESPN noted that Dobbs has earned $7.4 million during his NFL career that started in 2017. They pointed out that Jacoby Brissett, who is considered a high-level backup, earned a one-year deal worth $10 million (with $8 million guaranteed) from the Washington Commanders this past offseason after he performed well as a “bridge starter” with the Cleveland Browns.

Joshua Dobbs achieved the unthinkable in his rushed Vikings debut. How about an encore?

“He’s knocked it out of the park,” O’Connell told USA TODAY Sports during a Friday morning chat.
O’Connell, the energetic, second-year Minnesota Vikings coach, could have been referring to the heroic performance by Dobbs last Sunday that earned him NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors.
But he wasn’t. Pardon me, Allen Iverson, but O’Connell was talking about practice.
He gushed about Dobbs’ details in handling the game plan during Thursday’s practice, which was quite the contrast to how it went down last week when the quarterback didn’t get a single rep with the first team after arriving from Arizona in a deadline-day deal.
“I think you kind of felt the whole team gain a little confidence, as much as we gained Sunday, to have a good week of preparation, which was my challenge to him,” O’Connell said. “Everybody is continuing to feel like Josh is going to give us a chance to win this football game. Now let’s make sure we all go out and do our part…make sure it doesn’t take Josh going out being Superman to win this game.”
Dobbs, 28, became the first player in NFL history to produce three touchdowns in back-to-back games for two different teams. And it happened on a stage roughly 25 miles from where Dobbs grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia.
He knows. The NFL is a week-to-week proving ground.
“If you don’t show up and play next week, then no one cares about last week,” Dobbs told reporters in Minnesota. “I’m excited for the next opportunity to go out and compete.”
“All the things that as a coach you can go crazy worrying about, Josh kind of put us all at ease just by his comfort of playing quarterback,” O’Connell said. “It allows us to focus on the details.”
For all of the Dobbs’ stops on the NFL circuit, this is the first time that he is playing for a head coach who is also the offensive play-caller.

Justin Jefferson Strikes Down Delayed Return After Vikings Slow Start

The 22-year-old star wide receiver put those theories to rest upon his return to practice on Wednesday after a four-week absence.
“That’s a no-brainer,” Jefferson said, referring to his desire to return no matter his team’s record. “I’m always going to want to play football whether we didn’t win the game or had won every single game this season.”
“I love the game of football. I always say that I want to be a Hall of Famer so I can’t just sit out, missing games just for the fun of it, or just because we aren’t doing well,” Jefferson said. “I know I have a big role on this team, and I know that every chance that I get to be on that field, I want to make the most of those opportunities.”
“It’s just all about how I’m feeling and how strong the hamstring is,” Jefferson said, per the Star Tribune. “The hamstring is a difficult injury just because it lingers, and it comes back from time to time if you don’t put the right treatment into it.
“So the guys on the rest of the coaching staff in this building know my worth on the field, and they want me 100 percent — as I do, as well. I don’t want to go out there 80, 90 percent and have the chance of hurting it again. It’s just day-to-day, like I said, and when that time comes, I’ll definitely be ready to step out on that field.”

Yore Mock

Trade Partner: Jaguars
Sent: Pick 20, Pick 205
Received: Pick 28, Pick 60
Trade Partner: Cardinals
Sent: Pick 60
Received: Pick 65, Pick 129
Trade Partner: Bills
Sent: Pick 125
Received: Pick 135, Pick 178

28. J.T. Tuimoloau EDGE Ohio State 6’4” 270

51. Quinyon Mitchell CB Toledo 6’0” 196

65. Kris Jenkins DT Michigan 6’3” 305

115. Jackson Powers-Johnson OC Oregon 6’3” 320

129. Dontay Corleone DT Cincinnati 6’2” 318

135. Jordan Burch EDGE Oregon 6’6” 290

151. Omar Speights LB LSU 6’1” 235

159. Ray Davis RB Kentucky 5’10” 216

162. Anthony Belton OT NC State 6’6” 336

178. Brenden Rice WR USC 6’3” 210

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