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Vikings Unveil Dennis Ryan Equipment Room at TCO Performance Center

The legendary equipment manager is being honored by the Vikings this weekend.

Minnesota Vikings equipment manger Dennis Ryan gave a few fans football’s , team prepared to leave Minnesota State University after 52 years in Mankato Monday August 7, 2017 in Mankato, MN. ] JERRY HOLT ‚Ä¢

The Minnesota Vikings are celebrating Legend's Weekend at TCO Performance Center, with former long-time equipment manager Dennis Ryan being the man of the hour.

After 47 years of dutiful service, the team recently unveiled the newly named Dennis Ryan Equipment Room in his honor. Dennis Ryan will serve as an honorary captain at the coin toss before the start of Sunday's matchup against the New Orleans Saints. Additionally, the Vikings Values Award will be renamed the Dennis Ryan Vikings Values Award, since he was the first recipient of the award.

Being honored in such a way was a touching experience for Dennis Ryan, who is very much a humble, low-key personality. Dennis was congratulated by several important figures within the organization including Mark Wilf, Rob Brzezinski, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, and Kevin O'Connell. There's a ton of cool quotes and tidbits in the original article which I'll link here, including one involving rookie wide receiver Jordan Addison.

I'm not gonna paraphrase the whole article because the original one is already so well-written. That being said, I'm happy that Dennis Ryan, the legend himself, is receiving the highest of honors from the Vikings organization.