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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 18 November 2023

“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” - Lao Tsu

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

I know that some folks have trouble with looking ahead and that is cool. They seem to believe that if someone is able to look ahead, then they are not rooting for the team right now. No use arguing with these folks because their minds are set.

I always look ahead and I always do not give a rats arse.

The QB decision will be important but it should not impact drafting a QB early. If the team signs Cousins or Dobbs it should not be for more than two years IMHO. I am still on board with bringing Cousins back and I think the floor is 40M. He could surprise the team and offer a substantial discount in order to return. Imagine if he accepted a two year 60M deal that is fully guaranteed. That would be quite magnanimous of him. I cannot put my hands in his pockets so this is just pure tomfoolery.

I think the team will continue to invest in young reclamation projects with upside on short term free agent deals. These are some of the free agents I like right now.

DT Javon Kinlaw
DE AJ Epenesa
LB Isaiah Simmons
CB Jeff Okudah
WR Darnell Mooney?

Other free agents that might not be reclamation projects ...

DT Justin Madubuike
EDGE Josh Uche
LB Jordyn Brooks
LB Willie Gay
LB Kenneth Murray Jr
CB Tavierre Thomas

I think the team could invest in a wide receiver if they do not bring back Osborn. They probably try to keep Powell to go with Nailor but one more cannot hurt.

I think the team needs to bring back Hunter and if not, then Wonnum plus someone like Uche.

Since yore last open thread ...

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Other Vikings News

Kirk Cousins addresses his future with the Vikings, keeping an open mind despite desire to remain in Minnesota

Cousins said his procedure did not require the speed bridge like Aaron Rodgers had done due to where the tear was located. The 35-year-old quarterback will be a free agent this offseason, and was asked about his future. Cousins said he always wanted to be a “one-team quarterback” during his time with Washington. After it didn’t work out there, he wanted to be a “two-team quarterback” remembered for his time with the Vikings. Despite his desire to remain in Minnesota, the veteran understands this is a business.
“It’s hard to say until we get to March,” Cousins said. “So many things can change, and so I think you really just focus on this football season, the guys right now, what they’re going through, what we’re trying to go do and then cross that bridge when we get there.”

Kirk Cousins did not get speed bridge Achilles procedure but ready to start new chapter in 2024

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins talked to the media for the first time since his season-ending Achilles injury Oct. 29. He wore a boot on his right foot and jokingly said he’s in no rush.
“I’ve got nowhere to be for four months,” Cousins said, via Ben Goessling of the Star-Tribune.
Cousins, though, noted that the rehab time for Achilles injuries is shortening. Aaron Rodgers repeatedly has stated his desire to return this season after the Jets quarterback tore his Achilles in the season opener.
“The recovery time [for Achilles surgeries] seems to be shortening and shortening,” Cousins said.

Kirk Cousins Grateful for Early Steps in Achilles Recovery, New Role with Vikings QBs

“I have never gone through this, so I was really confused as to, ‘How do I most strategically use my time?’ “ Cousins acknowledged. “Just trial and error, I feel like my time is best used coming to the quarterback meetings and kind of having that hour, hour-and-a-half, with the quarterbacks to see the game plan, learn it, offer the occasional thought if I have one, but mostly just be a part of that.”
Vikings Head Coach Kevin O’Connell said earlier this week he’s been grateful for Cousins’ insight and impact.
“In addition to him being out in the community and just the way he feels about his role within the Twin Cities and his connection with our fans, he has been fantastic in the building already,” O’Connell said. “Based upon the timeline, we really didn’t think we’d be able to have him much in the building, [but] he has already been in a bunch of quarterback meetings, and I know he and Josh have talked a lot, he and I have talked a lot.”
O’Connell said he’s giving Cousins “projects” to work on.
“He knows our offense. He knows it as well as any of us, pretty much. Whether he is watching some third downs or first and second downs trying to find a good look for an explosive or a keeper play-pass – it is kind of similar to our normal dialogue of Monday and Tuesday,” O’Connell explained. “And as he gets into his tape study, I just asked him, ‘I just want you to be involved. I just want you to be around our team. Be around.’ He is going to start traveling when he gets cleared to do that. I think it will be a huge bonus for everybody to have him around.”
Cousins plans to be on the practice field sidelines more as his mobility increases but, until then, is happy to support in whatever capacity he’s asked.
“[O’Connell] said basically, ‘Text me thoughts you have on the game plan, the d-coordinator, the third-down plan, whatever you have,” Cousins said. “I’ll have a thought, but at the same time, I’ll let them do their thing, let Josh do his thing and make myself available.”
He offered media a look inside his head from the point the tendon first tore, detailing his inner monologue that first assumed a sprained ankle.
“When I did it, I thought, ‘Oh, another sprained ankle. A couple of tough weeks of rehab, but we’ll play through it,’ “ Cousins said. “Garrett [Bradbury] helped me get up, and I went to press into the ground, and I thought the ground fell down because I felt no ground. ‘OK, that’s a problem.’ I started walking and thought, ‘Maybe it’s like a nerve or the nerve has been firing because I don’t feel my foot,’ which again, I was like, ‘It’s all right. We’ll work through that. I can handle not feeling my foot.’ And then, ‘I can’t even walk,’ so I just started hopping.
“I’m like, ‘I don’t think I tore it.’ I don’t know whether to call it denial or cluelessness, but Dr. Coetzee, I was just giving him ‘day one install, you tore your Achilles,’ and then we went into the blue tent and I put my foot up, took my sock off, and he basically [felt it] for half a second and said, ‘Yeah, you tore it,’ “ Cousins said. “I kind of laid back on the table and took a deep breath. ‘OK,’ but I also wanted to win the game. I wanted to leave Lambeau with a win. That’s a special place to leave with a win, so as we were carting off, I was looking at the guys, ‘You better come back to that locker room with a win,’ and they did.”
Now almost two full weeks removed from the injury, Cousins no longer wonders if he’ll play football again – he’s confident that he will – but still acknowledged questions up ahead.
It’s no secret Cousins is slated to become a free agent following the 2023 campaign, and while he continues to feel strongly about remaining a Viking, he emphasized he isn’t yet thinking that far ahead.
“Certainly your mind goes there, and you know that’s coming, but similar to what we said in April or August, March will happen in March, February will happen in February. Those conversations will happen, but it’s just not time for them,” Cousins said. “We’ve got so much to focus on this season. Guys are playing so well, and that’s really where the attention needs to be. That’s where my attention will be. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Report: Vikings’ Justin Jefferson ‘Probably a Long Shot’ vs. Broncos with Injury

Appearing on SportsCenter, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said Jefferson is “probably a long shot” to play against the Denver Broncos on Sunday:
“So he’s listed as questionable. I’m told it’s probably a long shot to play at this point. They’re still easing him along and they want him to be completely healthy, 100 percent, no questions asked and since he hasn’t had a full practice yet, he’s been limited the last few weeks, that tends to be a sign that they’re probably not going to put him out there this weekend. Still a chance, but I was told it’s unlikely. However, next week they’re playing Monday night against the Bears, that’s an extra day of prep, they’ve got a bye week coming up, so certainly some options where he plans to be on the field sooner than later, just might be too early.”

With Joe Burrows’ injury, the Vikings’ QB schedule just got a lot easier

Outside of Russell Wilson and Jared Goff, the Vikings remaining opposing QB have a career record of 13-35
Here’s a look:
Week 11 @ Denver Broncos (Russell Wilson)
Week 12 vs Chicago Bears (Tyson Bagent/Justin Fields)
Week 13 Bye
Week 14 @ Las Vegas Raiders (Aidan O’Connell)
Week 15 @ Cincinnati Bengals (Jake Browning)
Week 16 vs Detroit Lions (Jared Goff)
Week 17 vs Green Bay Packers (Jordan Love)
Week 18 @ Detroit Lions (Jared Goff)

One game at a time and beating the Broncos keeps the train rolling!

Despite five wins in a row, analysts say Vikings are still unluckiest team in the NFL

One matchup I am going to watch today is when No. 5 Washington faces No. 10 Oregon State. Two top 2024 NFL Draft prospects will square off. Bralen Trice an edge rusher for Washington will be facing Taliese Fuaga an offensive tackle for the Beavers.

Yore Mock

(reposted for the heck of it)

R1 21 Bralen Trice Washington EDGE Height: 6’3” Weight: 269

R2 53 Jayden Daniels LSU QB Height: 6’2” Weight: 185

R4 117 McKinnley Jackson Texas A&M DL1T Height: 6’2” Weight: 325

R4 124 Javion Cohen Miami (FL) OG Height: 6’4” Weight: 305

R5 149 Ray Davis Kentucky RB Height: 5’9” Weight: 205

R5 151 Rylie Mills Notre Dame DL3T Height: 6’5” Weight: 306

R5 159 Jaylan Ford Texas ILB Height: 6’3” Weight: 236

R6 163 Jordan Burch Oregon DL5T Height: 6’5” Weight: 275

R6 184 Brandon Coleman TCU OG Height: 6’5” Weight: 325

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