Did it ma! Top of the World!

Back before I had children, instead of just cleaning my house and fetching snacks all day, I used to write fanposts on hockey sites. But I think this is my very first for the DailyNorseman. This post is in appreciation of the fallen.

Those whose picks were ill informed, or perhaps swayed by alcohol, as was my own pick set before the missus and I decided to partake in "Sober October", I salute thee. I count myself among the fallen in several other survival leagues this year, due to that amazing Browns-Niners upset. Football is a great sport, and I'm enjoying it more this year that I've dialed down the actual wagering, and leaned into Vikings +fantasy. I'm currently 5-5 in the Purple Shades head to head sflx league, and I just lost Joe Burrow, so I wish any of you other participants the best of luck down the stretch, and I hope Joshua Dobbs and I might spoil a week or two for you playoff teams.

There were some Gawd awful upset weeks this season, so as with any success I've had in my life, I owe it all to pure dumb luck. Yay! I dont think this was the DraftKings contest for any bread, which is too bad, but I'm happy just to have some evidence to prove to my buddies that I do know some things about football some times.


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