How Do We Feel About Sports Betting Ruining Professional Sports?

This thought danced through my head after I watched another sad weekend of NFL football. I'm getting kind of old, I've watched a ton of football over my life, and this is my perspective on how things are changing. I'm going to make the following comparison: Sports betting is doing to football what Super Pac and Corporate money has done to our political system.

Neither system was perfect before this massive injection of money, however, there was at least a certain level of trust you could place in the system. That is completely gone now in both systems for the exact same reason. The people in charge do not want chance to play a role in deciding the outcomes because they have too much riding on the outcomes not to script them. As for me, I'm sick of watching WWE level pro sports and clowns being elected while listening to people defending these obviously fake institutions. When I watch a football game, I'd like to see the team win that played better, but we don't have that anymore do we? Sports betting affecting the NFL is just a microcosm of what we see in the rest of society, and it's frankly quite troubling.

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