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Vikings Facing a QB Controversy?

Could there be some issues coming?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings find themselves at a crossroads as they come down to the final stretch of the season. Since Kirk Cousins went down, the Vikings have started two other quarterbacks, Jaren Hall and Josh Dobbs, hoping to void the hole that Cousins left. Jaren Hall went down in his first game as a starter to a concussion that knocked him out for the next two weeks. Josh Dobbs was then called upon to be the savior. Dobbs has gone 2-1 as the starter, but many wonder if he is he the best option at quarterback moving forward. The decision marks a critical juncture of a promising young talent in Jaren Hall against the experience and stability offered by the veteran Josh Dobbs.

The decision between a rookie quarterback and a journeyman quarterback in never an easy decision for coaching staffs to make. The Vikings must carefully evaluate the short-term gains of Dobbs’ NFL experience against the long-term potential embodied by Hall. Is the promise of a bright future worth the potential growing pains that come with starting a rookie quarterback? Hall’s ability to adapt to the NFL’s faster pace and more complex defensive schemes is an unknown factor thus far. After a shaky first drive in his debut, Hall did bounce back quickly, marching the Vikings down the field before he eventually got injured.

One glaring issue that has plagued Dobbs so far this year is turnover propensity. Whether in the form of interceptions or fumbles, his ball security has been a cause for concern. Opposing defenses have capitalized on Dobbs’ occasional lapses in decision-making, turning turnovers into momentum-shifting opportunities. The Vikings’ coaching staff will have to address this issue moving forward if the team chooses to stick with Dobbs as the stating quarterback.

Pressure situations have proven to be another one of Josh Dobbs’ struggles. When facing blitzes or pressure looks from defenses, his performance has often declined drastically, leading to hurried throws, sacks, and overall offensive instability. Whether its a breakdown in protection or an internal struggle to stay composed, Dobbs must find ways to navigate the chaos in the pocket more effectively. This could involve improved offensive line communication, quicker decision-making, or enhanced mobility to escape pressure.

The Vikings’ success this season hinges on Dobbs’ ability to overcome these challenges. If he can reduce the turnovers, handle pressure more effectively, and make smarter decisions with the football, the team stands a better chance of achieving its goals. However, if these issues persist, the Vikings may be turning to rookie quarterback Jaren Hall.

Given the fact that Justin Jefferson has yet to catch a pass from either Hall or Dobbs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dobbs continue as the starter for at least a game or two with Justin Jefferson out there with him. If his struggles continue even with Jefferson back, it may be time to turn the reins back over to the rookie who showed flashes of a franchise QB during his first start.

As Vikings fans, who would you rather see finish the year as the Vikings starting quarterback?