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Justin Jefferson doesn’t care about your fantasy team

And he shouldn’t

New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

While we’re all waiting to see whether or not the Minnesota Vikings will have star wide receiver Justin Jefferson on Monday night when they host the Chicago Bears, his availability will not be based on anybody’s fantasy football matchup.

With some people. . .who, apparently, have nothing better to do. . .seemingly miffed about Jefferson not having come back for the Vikings’ last two games after returning to practice, he had something to say on social media on Tuesday.

The Tweet or X or whatever we’re calling them now says, in full,

“My health is wayyyy more important than you winning your fantasy games. It doesn’t matter how many times y’all flood my dms talking about me selling your team. I DONT CARE.”

Honestly, those of you who are sending direct messages to professional athletes. . .just stop it.

For the record, head coach Kevin O’Connell has already said that Jefferson is “questionable” for Monday night’s game at U.S. Bank Stadium. The 21-day window for Jefferson closes on 29 November, which is two days after the Monday night game. If Jefferson isn’t brought back in time for Monday night, the team will bring him on in the day or two after the game and give him the bye week to continue rehabbing until the Vikings face the Las Vegas Raiders after their bye concludes.

By then it will be fantasy playoff time and, if Jefferson is still on your roster and you’re still alive at that point, he’ll get back to helping you then.