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Previewing Bears/Vikings Round 2 with Bears Talk Underground

A good time, as always

We’re gearing up to watch the Minnesota Vikings host the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football to conclude their two games for this season and see if the purple can get their third consecutive sweep. To preview the game, we got a chance to sit down with one of our favorite Bears fans.

Yours truly spent some time this week with Larry Deal of Bears Talk Underground to preview this week’s matchup. You can find the show by clicking the BTU link there, or you can listen to it on the embedded player here.

We talked briefly about the first matchup between these two teams and looked forward to Monday night’s game, among other things. . .including why Larry is going to be avoiding the live broadcast on Monday night and avoiding spoilers as well.

(It’s a really, really good reason. I’m a bit envious, if we’re being honest.)

It’s always a good time talking about Bears/Vikings with Larry, and it’s a bit weird that we’re not doing this in Week 18 like we seemingly do every year. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the broadcast and let us know what you think about the Vikings’ chances in this one.