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Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings: Second quarter recap and third quarter discussion

It’s tied and it’s ugly.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

They’re heading into the U.S. Bank Stadium locker rooms at halftime of Monday Night Football and the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears are tied, 3-3, in what could politely be called a disgustingly ugly football game.

The Bears started the quarter with the football, fresh off of a fourth-down conversion that put them into the Minnesota red zone, and the Bears turned it into a 25-yard field goal from Cairo Santos to take a 3-0 lead.

Then the Vikings got the football back and actually got a first down! Then, Josh Dobbs tried to throw one long down the left sideline and had it intercepted by Jaylon Johnson for another Minnesota turnover. Fortunately, the Vikings’ defense forced a three-and-out and got the ball back to the offense. . .for what that’s worth. . .at the 12-yard line.

The Vikings picked up their second first down on a roughing the passer penalty and eventually moved the ball to midfield. . .only to turn it over again as Dobbs’ pass went off the hands of Jordan Addison and into the hands of Jaquan Brisker for the Vikings’ second turnover in three drives.

Fortunately, the Vikings’ defense forced another three-and-out and Brandon Powell returned the punt to the Minnesota 31-yard line. The Vikings’ offense couldn’t do anything with it and they punted it away again, with Ryan Wright pinning the Bears inside their own 20. The Bears then punted it away for a touchback, giving the Vikings the ball at their own 20 just after the two-minute warning.

To start the next drive, Dobbs found Brandon Powell for a big 28-yard gain into Chicago territory and then found K.J. Osborn for another first down. A big pass interference penalty on Kyler Gordon then moved the ball to the Chicago 13-yard line with just over 30 seconds left. Then Dobbs was called for intentional grounding to push the Vikings back and the half ended with a 35-yard field goal by Greg Joseph to tie things at 3-3 going into the locker room.

To say that this game has been ugly would be an incredibly polite assessment. The Vikings have opportunities to take the game and they just refuse to take them. Maybe things will turn around in the second half as the Vikings get the ball first.

It’s halftime in Minnesota, and an ugly football game between the Bears and the Vikings is tied at 3-3. Come join us for the third quarter of play!