More Of The Same

KOC is for sure repeating the same exact mistakes Zim never learned from, which is when you get a small lead, you never take your foot off the gas pedal. He did it in the 2nd half against the Saints and barely hung on, last week AND this week. The play calling/timing/dogged determination, whatever you want to call it, is not synching up. Being over cautious is not working.

There are some bright spots though, as Hunter (contract year) is having maybe his finest year and Matellus is blowing up large. Everyone was shocked when we gave him that deal in the offseason, but he ended up being a bargain, the guy is on his way to being an all pro.

Looking forward to the offseason when we have a ton of cash and hopefully snag some great FA, especially DT and LB. What Flores has done with defense, while still not perfect, is a miracle. And it's his first DC job!I. I hope he stays, although it's unlikely.

I hope they play Hall the rest of the season, give Chandler 50% of the running snaps, and see what Roy has to offer.

Skol brothers and sisters.

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