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Around the web: The best of the Josh Dobbs experience

Dobby is a FREE Quarterback!

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
He is HIM
Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Josh Dobbs.



What a win today in Atlanta. This game was outstanding not just because it featured an unbelievable story, insane scrambles and plays, and revenge over a team that snuck in more than a few questionable hits, knocking our guys out of the game.

What won the Vikings this game was more than an unexpected and awesome QB. It was purely the grit, resilience, and never say die attitude of the purple and gold.

Everyone should be proud of that win for what it was - a sign that this team is clearly passionate about finding success and fighting through adversity.

I’ll talk about that more a little later on this week, but for now, ENJOY THIS DUB!