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Week 14 NFL Early Games Discussion

Something to do while we wait

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Yes, the Minnesota Vikings will return to the field again this week, but we have to wait until the late window for that to happen because they’re playing out West. So, that can only mean one thing, at least for the early window.

That’s right. . .it’s time for a modified, limited RED ZONE SUNDAY here at The Daily Norseman! There’s a lot of NFL action to be seen while we wait for our game to kick off, and here’s a place you can talk about it with your fellow Vikings fans.

Here are the maps for the early games from 506 Sports so you can see which games are going to be showing in your area if you’re not blessed with the Red Zone Channel.

Games on CBS

Games on FOX

The orange and red areas on the map represent late games on FOX, as CBS has the doubleheader this week. Orange is actually the color for the Vikings/Raiders game, so if you’re in that area you’ll be seeing the game on your local FOX affiliate

Those are the early games for today, folks. Again, we’ll have the first Open Thread for our game dropping at around 2:00 PM Central, with the inactives hitting about 30 minutes before that.

We hope to see you all in the Open Threads for our game, but enjoy the early NFL action in the meantime!