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Minnesota Vikings at Las Vegas Raiders: Third quarter recap and fourth quarter discussion

Yep, still scoreless

Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ian Maule/Getty Images

It is, once again, that time of the afternoon where it is necessary to raise four fingers above your head, because we’ve reached the fourth quarter at Allegiant Stadium with this game still scoreless, as the Minnesota Vikings and Las Vegas Raiders are tied at 0-0

The Vikings didn’t get anything done on offense after receiving the second-half kickoff, and the Raiders then finally got into scoring range on a long pass from Aidan O’Connell to Hunter Renfrow to get into the red zone. However, on a third-and-long after a penalty, O’Connell threw a pass to Renfrow and Josh Metellus forced him to fumble it away with Mekhi Blackmon recovering the fumble for a turnover!

Minnesota’s offense couldn’t do anything with the turnover and punted it away again, putting the Raiders inside their own 20-yard line. The Raiders moved the ball a little bit on their next possession, but had a long pass on third down overturned on replay and had to punt it away again.

As we move to the fourth quarter of play, the Vikings are looking at a

Also, if you’re scoring at home. . .because nobody else is, at this point. . .the last scoreless tie in NFL history happened over 80 years ago when the Detroit Lions and New York Giants played to a 0-0 tie on 7 November 1943.

Still scoreless at Allegiant Stadium between the Vikings and the Raiders, folks. Can the Vikings break the drought and get a victory to keep them in the playoff hunt? Come join us for the conclusion of this one and find out!