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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 14 December 2023

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 18 North Carolina at Clemson Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I am not sure why I put all the stuff in these open threads because it often falls on deaf ears.

I suppose if I stated that Kirk Cousins was not worth extending at anything over 30M per year the comments would rage!


Since yore last open thread

2023 NFL Week 15: Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals

Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals: Interim injury reports

Ivan Pace Jr. named NFC Defensive Player of the Week

Vikings Stock Market Report: Week 14

Other Vikings News

How Nick Mullens starting impacts the Vikings’ playoff chances

“There’s a reason we went out and got Nick when we did to really solidify that position,” O’Connell said, referencing the Vikings’ trade for Mullens in 2022 training camp. “Any time you’re going out to try to find a quarterback that you feel like when he’s one snap away can win you some football games, you look for certain traits. Nick has them all. Love everything about his preparation. He allows us to prepare with a plan and doesn’t need a whole lot of reps to then go in and execute that plan.”
“[Mullens] executed our offense in rhythm at a really high level [against the Raiders], and the understanding, running the show, kind of the feel of what our offense felt like with him in there and some of those big time throws on third down, putting his back foot in the ground and giving our guys a chance to make a play,” O’Connell said.

Brian Flores’ defense is powering the Minnesota Vikings toward the playoffs

Minnesota’s defense leads the league in blitz rate (54.4%). They are the only team that blitzes on more than 50% of opponent dropbacks. But they also rank second in the league in percentage of snaps rushing just three or fewer players. It’s not so much the consistent aggression that causes problems for opposing offenses, but the extreme variance of Minnesota’s pass rush.
Brian Flores came to Minnesota with his career rather in limbo, but he has revolutionized a defense that was one of the worst in the league, transforming it into a group that could well power this team to postseason football despite missing its starting quarterback for half of the year.

Former NFL MVP Doesn’t Think Josh Dobbs Deserved to Be Benched

“Just watched (the) Vikings tape and I feel for Josh Dobbs being benched,” Warner tweeted on Wednesday. “So important to watch each play and not just see the results… I feel he played well, dropped passes all over, some things didn’t work and of course missed some, but far from a ‘benching’ performance in my opinion!”
Does Warner have a point? Dobbs was 10/23 for 63 yards and took five sacks against the Raiders before being pulled for Nick Mullens in the fourth quarter, but it’s true that he didn’t get much help. Pro Football Focus, which gave Dobbs (68.5) a higher grade than Mullens (59.3), credited Vikings pass-catchers with a whopping six drops while Dobbs was in the game. Some of those might be up for debate, but the point is that his stat line could’ve looked substantially better if his receivers had caught some passes. The offensive line struggling didn’t help, either.
With that said, even the tape shows that Dobbs wasn’t playing as poorly as the numbers suggested, Kevin O’Connell made an obvious and necessary move to go to Mullens in the fourth quarter. The veteran knows the offense, made quicker decisions, and showed off some pocket presence as he sparked the Vikings to the only points of the day in their 3-0 win. Dobbs seemingly had a hard time executing throws in rhythm and was shut down as a scrambler.


Agreed on all points. The simple fact is that Nick Mullens earned the #2 QB spot before the season began and would have been starting if not for being on the injured list. He, too, deserves his chance to play. Playing him makes the most sense because Dobbs still needs more time in the offense. Just because he is the backup now does not mean he wont get another shot this year. Hopefully, Mullens plays well enough and stays injury free so that does not happen but it is not out of the question.

NFL News

NFL playoff picture: Postseason probabilities entering Week 15 of 2023 season

NFC : Playoff % : If Win : If Lose : No. 1 seed %
1. 49ers (10-3) : 100% : 100% : 100% : 64%
2. Cowboys (10-3) : >99% : 100% : >99% : 12%
3. Lions (9-4) : 98% : >99% : 94% : 1%
4. Buccaneers (6-7) : 45% : 68% : 31% : 0%
5. Eagles (10-3) : >99% : 100% : >99% : 23%
6. Vikings (7-6) : 72% : 86% : 64% : 0%
7. Packers (6-7) : 47% : 62% : 23% : 0%

2024 NFL draft intel: News, nuggets and what all 32 teams need

Minnesota Vikings
Projected first-round pick: No. 22
Nothing about the Vikings’ draft plans can be finalized until they decide their priority on the quarterback position. Kirk Cousins ‘ contract will void in March. Joshua Dobbs , after a hot start as the team’s emergency starter, has been benched and does not appear to be the answer. The Vikings will have to decide if they want either (or both) back in 2024, and then assess whether their ultimate draft position will be good enough to select a quarterback who is good enough to factor as a long-term answer. If not, has rookie Jaren Hall shown enough to be in that conversation? — Kevin Seifert

Yore Mock

Trade Partner: Chicago Bears
Sent: Round 1 Pick 22, Future Round 1 Pick, Future Round 1 Pick
Received: Round 1 Pick 5
Trade Partner: San Francisco 49ers
Sent: Round 2 Pick 22
Received: Round 2 Pick 31, Round 3 Pick 30
Trade Partner: Cleveland Browns
Sent: Round 3 Pick 30, Round 5 Pick 25
Received: Round 3 Pick 24, Round 6 Pick 16
Trade Partner: Green Bay Packers
Sent: Round 6 Pick 1
Received: Round 6 Pick 19, Round 7 Pick 19

5: R1 P5 QB Drake Maye - North Carolina 6’4” 230

63: R2 P31 C Jackson Powers-Johnson - Oregon 6’3” 320

88: R3 P24 DL Ruke Orhorhoro - Clemson 6’4” 295

122: R4 P22 G Tate Ratledge - Georgia 6’6” 310

127: R4 P27 WR Malachi Corley - Western Kentucky 5’11 210

160: R5 P24 S Josh Proctor - Ohio State 6’2” 205

181: R6 P6 EDGE Marshawn Kneeland - Western Michigan 6’3” 275

191: R6 P16 LB Marist Liufau - Notre Dame 6’2” 239

194: R6 P19 RB Jase McClellan - Alabama 5’11 212

238: R7 P19 CB Jahdae Barron - Texas 5’11 192

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