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SB Nation Reacts Results: Who should go to the Pro Bowl for the Vikings?

The results are in!

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

While we’re waiting for kickoff in Cincinnati, let’s take a moment to look at this week’s SB Nation Reacts results for the Minnesota Vikings. We had two questions for our readers this week, and we now have the answers to both of those questions right here.

Our first question for the week was the standard question about how everyone feels about the direction the team is moving in, and after finally getting back into the win column things are trending in the right direction.

As you can see in the graphic above, we are back up to 63% of our readers believing that the Vikings are heading in the right direction. Things hit a bit of a bump after the loss to the Bears, but now after the bye week and a victory. . .however ugly it might have been. . .people are starting to gain a bit of confidence back in the team. Here’s hoping another victory today can continue that trajectory.

Our other question was about the Pro Bowl for this year and which of a trio of young Vikings’ defenders most deserves a trip to Orlando this year.

Our readers have spoken, and a majority of them. . .54%, to be precise. . .believe that safety Josh Metellus is the most deserving of the Vikings’ young defensive players of a spot in the Pro Bowl Games for this year. The other 46% of the vote was split evenly between linebacker Ivan Pace Jr. and safety Camryn Bynum. It’s hard to argue with any of those choices, really, but Metellus has had a great season and should get some sort of recognition for it.

Those are our SB Nation Reacts results for this week, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be back with another round of questions for you to answer in Week 16.

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