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Wes Welker Thinks Tyreek Hill Is Better Than Randy Moss

Moss’ former teammate, who is now the Dolphins WR coach, explains why he thinks Tyreek Hill is a better all-around receiver.

FBN-COWBOYS-VIKINGS-MOSS CATCH Photo credit should read CRAIG LASSIG/AFP via Getty Images

Tyreek Hill is one of the league’s best wide receivers and a future hall of famer, but is he better than Randy Moss? Dolphins wide receivers coach Wes Welker, who played alongside Moss with the New England Patriots, believes Hill is the superior player.

During Thursday’s press conference, Welker referred to Randy Moss as the best deep ball receiver in the game, but added that Tyreek Hill can run the whole route tree. Here’s the full quote:

“Randy is probably the best deep ball receiver, ever in the game. But Tyreek can run the whole route tree. He can run choice routes, he can run lookie, he can take the top off. His ball skills? Coming in and out of breaks. Name a route you don’t like Tyreek on? I can’t think of one. That’s what separates him in that regard. It’s his mindset, and the way he approaches every single day, and every single game. It’s very impressive that he’s got that mentality, along with all those skills.”

He’s essentially impling that Randy Moss a deep ball merchant, which is completely false. Randy Moss may be best remembered for being a freakishly athletic deep threat on the outside who was damn near unguardable, but he also had a lot more nuance to his game as a route runner than Welker is giving him credit for. Randy understood that cornerbacks had to respect his big play ability by staying over the top or several yards away from the line of scrimmage. So he used that to his advantage to create easy separation on short and intermediate routes.

Randy Moss may not be the route running specialist that Jerry Rice was, but that doesn’t mean he was a poor route runner or a one-trick pony. If Welker’s description of Moss as a player was accurate, then he wouldn’t be considered as one of the best receivers to ever play the game. I have a lot of respect for Tyreek Hill, but he hasn’t been dominant enough to be in the conversation as one of the greatest receivers of all-time. The only two names that belong in that discussion are Jerry Rice and Randy Moss. End of story.

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