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Detroit Lions QB Comparison: Week 16

Tough not to give an advantage for Detroit here

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions play their first game of two in three weeks tomorrow, and both represent vastly different situations with their quarterbacks.

Detroit, well, they've been one of the fortunate ones this year... Jared Goff has started (and finished) every game the Lions have played this year. The last time he was injured was back on November 14th of 2021.

The Vikings... Are currently less than 2 games into the team’s 4th starting quarterback of the season, and what a season it has been.

The Lions are a tie or a win away from officially making the postseason for the first time in 6 years. With the Vikings fortune and way of play this year, I wouldn't be surprised to see the tie poetically do it.

Jared Goff

Listen, the Lions have given up only 28 sacks this year, best in the league. That kind of play is going to create consistency and longevity in a quarterback and Goff has taken advantage of his ability to stay on the field.

All 8 teams that lead a division in the NFL haven’t had to start a backup quarterback across the season, and Detroit is one of those teams.

He’s not the flashiest QB in the league, but he is stable. Durability at the position is a tough thing to come by in this season’s NFL, and the Vikings are an example of the volatility that can follow after the “solid” guy gets hurt.

Jared Goff 2023: 67.1% Completion percentage, 499 attempts, 3727 yards (3rd in the NFL), 26 TDs (4th), 10 INTs. Interception percentage of 2%, and 3 game winning drives.

He’s got great receiving talent and a run game that goes, and is on a team that is a team. You all get the point here, and I’m sick of having to call him a good quarterback, so I’ll just leave you with 1 last stat:

The Lions went from 3-10-1 in 2021, to 9-8 in 2022, to now 10-4 with 3 games to play this year. That is called sustained momentum, something all of us in purple and gold haven't truly experienced in many, many years.

Nick Mullens

Here’s a stupid question: How many ‘Saint Nick’ jokes could we hear on Christmas Eve?

I just thought that was funny. But, that answer really depends on two things: How invested you are in Christmas, and his performance. Let’s just hope it’s not because he’s giving a lot away.

Like Santa’s sleigh in Elf, people are not making a lot of positive noise, and he was sputtering.

After doing the bare minimum to win a game (the game was 3-0) in the NFL over a few 4th quarter drives, Mullens had a not great game against Cincinnati and couldn't get ‘er done.

His play in that game was just “meh”. He powered the Vikings ahead but, combined with a few other responsible parties, lost control of a 14-point lead in the first half and a 7-point lead in the 4th.

Nick Mullens only full game in 2023: 26/33 with 303 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, and 3 Sacks against Cleveland.

That’s just what happens when you're coming in after 3 other people gave it a try this year. It’s just not a good look, but not bad enough (yet) to get pulled. He’s apparently on a tight leash.

Detroit clearly has the advantage in this one even before considering the rest of the team. Brian Flores will be doing his darnedest to stop the man with Danielle Hunter and a solid Vikings pass rush and it’s many schemes to get to Goff... That will be a key to victory, if the home upset is to be true.

I expect the Bank to be rocking in white as well, and if there are a few early sacks or TFLs, that would be needed to put some huge stress on Detroit’s “Mr. Perfect” (seriously, that’s his nickname on Pro Football Reference).