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SB Nation Reacts Results: Not a lot of optimism from Vikings fans

But is it the right outlook?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We have our latest round of SB Nation Reacts results centered around the Minnesota Vikings, so let’s take a look at what our readers had to say about our most recent round of questions.

As always, we start out with our query about how optimistic everyone is about the direction that the purple are headed in and, after another tough loss, things are understandably down a bit.

Of our respondents, just 49% are confident that the team is headed in the right direction. One can only wonder how different that would be had the Vikings taken care of business when they had an opportunity and had a playoff spot sewn up by now. My guess is that the outlook would be significantly more optimistic.

Speaking of optimism. . .or the lack thereof. . .our other question for this week concerned how everyone thinks the Vikings will finish the 2023 NFL season. They’ve got three games left, all against divisional opponents and two against Detroit, who is currently on top of the division. Let’s just say that folks don’t appear to believe the Vikings will be playing after Week 18.

Of the options that were given for the Vikings’ record over the final three games, 45% believe that the team will go 1-2 in the final three games, leaving them with a record of 8-9 for the year. That’s not likely to be good enough to reach the postseason, which would be a bit of a bummer. 38% of our respondents believe the team will go 2-1 over the final three, which might get them a spot in the playoff field, and 10% of folks believe the Vikings won’t win another game this season. I certainly hope that isn’t the case.

Those are our SB Nation Reacts results for this week, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be back next week with another round of questions about our favorite team for you to make your voice heard on.

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