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Kirk Cousins Set To Rejoin Vikings On Sunday

#8 is going to be in the house

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Reports coming from within the building at TCO Performance Center suggest that quarterback Kirk Cousins is planning on joining his team on the field this Sunday when the Minnesota Vikings host their division rivals, the Detroit Lions, as the Vikings continue to fight for their playoff lives.

Obviously, Kirk Cousins is not returning to game action this year, after the Achilles tear in week 8, but his return to the sideline will be invaluable in many ways. Kirk will bring his leadership in an alternate but effective way, he will be able to mentor Nick Mullens through game time scenarios, and most importantly, he will be the inspiration the team may need to beat this “not your father’s Detroit Lions” team on Christmas eve.

It’s no secret who the leader of this team has been since he arrived here in 2018, and that’s QB Kirk Cousins. It will be a refreshing sight for teammates as Kirk will be strolling along the sidelines, cheering at home against a tough division foe. A familiar face like Kirk Cousins could be just the motivation and inspiration this team needs as it heads toward the divisional gauntlet before the NFL Playoffs officially kick off.

As the Vikings fight for their right to play in the tournament, Kirk will be right there on the sidelines tomorrow like a second quarterbacks coach to talk to Nick Mullens through game time scenarios. Kirk has seen more defenses than most of the current NFL quarterbacks, so advice from Kirk could pay dividends for Mullens in crucial stretches of the game.

The future of Kirk Cousins with the Vikings is unclear, but what is very clear is that his impact off the field tomorrow and for the next 3 plus weeks, should not be overlooked. I understand that Kirk cannot throw the passes and read the defense for Nick Mullens tomorrow, but he can help him understand the “what” and the “why” of whatever scheme they may throw at him. Not to mention that Kirk just may be the biggest supporter out there tomorrow because all he cares about is this Minnesota Vikings team winning. It’s been a tough stretch of weeks without him, but Kirk’s return to the field tomorrow and throughout the remainder of the season will be celebrated.